Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Where is Daisy Mae and What Time Can you Buy Turnips

How to find Daisy Mae to buy turnips

by Kyle Hanson

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has many things players look forward to every day, or every week. With its real time clock and calendar there’s pretty much something to plan for all the time. But if you’re not keeping track of all the things to do it can be difficult to accomplish all you need. And when it adds a bit of randomness to it, things get especially tough. Such is the case with the trunip saleperson: Daisy Mae. She’ll only show up for a few hours each week. So where is Daisy Mae in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and what time can you buy turnips from her?

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Where is Daisy Mae

This is a question without a specific answer, since Daisy Mae will wander quite a bit while she’s in town. One thing that you can be sure of though is that if she can’t walk to a location, she won’t be there. So if you haven’t placed bridges across all of your rivers then she’ll only be in the connected areas. So far there haven’t been enough visits from her to form a definite pattern, but she does seem to stick close to your main area, where Resident Services is located. She may head over to the beach or into the wooded areas surrounding it, but if you’re just looking to find her quickly, check here first before expanding the area.

So with that randomness it can be a challenge to find out where Daisy Mae is on your island, but there isnt any randomness to when she shows up and when she leaves. Here’s a rundwon of what time you can buy from her.

What Time Can You Buy Turnips

Sunday is the big day for turnip sales, since its when Daisy Mae arrives. Unfortunately she won’t be around all day. While the Animal Crossing day begins a bit earlier, Daisy Mae will arrive in town at 6am sharp. As soon as she gets there you can buy turnips from her, see more info here. But act fast, she leaves precisely at noon. If you haven’t grabbed all the turnips you want by then she will disappear and you’ll have to wait an entire week before she shows up again. So to summarize, the answer to what time can you buy turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is Sunday from 6am to 12pm local time, and where is Daisy Mae comes down to randomness of sorts.