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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Where To Find Iron Nuggets

Necessary to build Timmy's shop.

by Dean James


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is just like the previous entries in the franchise in that it has you coming back day after day for new tasks to complete. Many of these tasks require you to find certain materials to complete, including the quest to help Timmy build up his own shop separate from his portion of Resident Services. One of the necessary items for this quest are Iron Nuggets and this guide will explain where you can find them in the game.

Where to Find Iron Nuggets

Compared to items like tree branches and different fruits, Iron Nuggets are definitely one of the items that you may have some trouble finding at first. You won’t have immediate access to Iron Nuggets either, as you need a specific item to get them.

Before trying to go find Iron Nuggets, you must acquire a shovel in some capacity. This is usually done by using the DIY recipe to create a Flimsy Shovel or even getting the stronger Shovel later as well. If you have the Flimsy Shovel, you might even want to create a few of them, as they will break pretty quickly.

Once you have some sort of shovel in hand to use, start looking for the rocks located around your island. We are not talking about the little stones you can pick up, but the larger rocks that are nearby.

While standing next to a rock, start hitting it with your shovel and different items will appear. This can be a Stone, Clay, Bells if its the money rock, and especially Iron Nuggets. Keep hitting the rock multiple times, though know it will knock you back each time you hit it, so you will have to keep moving back towards it.

The Iron Nuggets are the black object that is dropped by hitting the rock with a shovel, so make sure to pick them all up after the rock stops spawning items. For the purposes of the Timmy’s shop quest, you will need 30 of them, so keep on finding rocks until you have enough. You’ll have to travel to other islands or wait till the next day for enough though.

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