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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide: How to Get Santa Suit

by William Schwartz


The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Holiday Event is now live in the game and it allows users to craft new items for their camp, and dress up like Santa Claus as well.  As you’ll notice in your inventory once you’ve started the game after the Holiday Event, you’ll have been gifted a Santa Hat.

This is the first item that you’ll get on your way to looking like St. Nick.  While we didn’t see any of the Santa themed items for sale in the marketplace, we did see that numerous timed challenges tied to crafting specific items will allow you to earn the Santa top, Santa Pants, Santa Skirt, and boots as well.

For the Santa Jacket, you’ll need to craft the Jingle Fence.  The Jingle Fence is a holiday-themed Special Crafting Item that you’ll need to craft with Candy Canes and Bells.  Head here for more information on how to earn Candy Canes in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

For the pants, you’ll need to complete 30 requests for animals, and for the skirt you’ll need to complete 70.  As for the boots, you’ll need to craft the Jingle Checked Rug.

If you continue to do requests for animals, build the Special Holiday Crafting Items and complete timed goals, you should have no problem getting the Santa Suit in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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