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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide: How to Get Candy Canes

by William Schwartz


The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Holiday Event is going on now, and in it players can craft special holiday furniture, earn holiday clothing, but to get these holiday themed items players will need to earn candy canes.

Like crafting furniture for your camp and buying clothes for your character, you’ll need crafting materials.  During the holiday event you’ll find holiday themed furniture in the Special section of the Crafting Menu.  Here you’ll see that you craft things for your camp, like a snowman, festive fireplace, festive bow tree, and other items that’ll give your campsite the spirit of Christmas.

You’ll notice that these items do still cost bells, but to craft them you’ll need Candy Canes as well.  There a couple of different ways to earn Candy Canes in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.  The first is through fulfilling requests for different animals, and they’ll gift you Candy Canes as a bonus crafting material.  On these requests, you’ll normally only receive a handful of them.

The way to get more Candy Canes is by completing Special Timed Goals that are deemed “Event Challenges.”  While these start off small with things like completing a certain number of requests for animals, if you start looking at the list of challenges, the more you complete the more Candy Canes you’ll earn.  Some of these challenges include crafting some of the holiday items, like the Jingle Checked Sofa, Mountain of Presents, Jingle Checked Bed, and others.  Crafting these items will in turn also earn you Candy Canes in bigger chunks, offering them in lots of 20,40, and 80.

In short, do your normal requests to earn some Candy Canes, but make sure you check out your timed goals as well as crafting specific items in the Special Crafting section will allow you to earn even more Candy Canes.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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