Anthem: How to Salvage Weapons and Other Loot

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Any of the loot that you find in Anthem can be salvaged for materials that you can turn around and use to craft better weapons and items.  Salvaging in Anthem can be done in a couple of different ways.  This guide will quickly explain where to look for the opportunity to salvage items in Anthem to earn quick materials, weapon parts, javelin parts, and other items to help you craft.

How to Salvage in Anthem

Anytime that you head into the Forge you can examine your inventory in each different part of your Javelin.  Here you can salvage each weapon, gear piece, component, or other item one by one.  Simply hover over a specific item and then hold the X Button (Xbox One) / Square Button (PS4) and you will salvage the item.

Once you’ve salvaged and item you will see a dialogue come onto the right side of the screen that shows you what you got from the salvage.  When you salvage weapons you will get weapon parts, for Strike Systems you get Javelin Parts, Components will give you materials, but often you’ll get different materials alongside this base salvage.

Outside of the Forge you can also Salvage in the After Action Screen that shows you your rewards for the previous mission.  When checking out your loot for the mission you will be given the option to Salvage as well.

Salvaging items in Anthem is often times the easiest way to get certain materials outside of just buying them from the in-game vendor in Fort Tarsis.  Since you have finite space available to store items, it’s important to salvage your old weapons and other items regularly to get materials and parts.

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