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Anthem: How to Switch Weapons

Carry multiple weapons for different combat situations.

by William Schwartz


In Anthem you can carry multiple weapons in your Javelin.  You can mix and match to suit your playstyle and you can access these weapons at the push of a button.  This guide will quickly explain how to equip a secondary weapon on your Javelin and how to switch to it while you are fighting.

How to Switch Weapons in Anthem

First things first, you’ll want to head into the Forge to equip your secondary weapon.  You can select any weapon that you have in your loot pool or you can choose to craft a new weapon assuming you have the Weapon Parts, other materials, and Blueprint for a new gun.

Regardless you’ll want to make sure that both of your weapon slots are filled before heading off into battle.  Once you are in battle you can instantly switch to your secondary weapon by holding the X button (Xbox One) or Square Button (PS4).  You’ll want to make sure you don’t just press the button because it also functions as the reload button if you don’t hold it.

If successful you’ll see the character change weapons and your secondary weapon will be highlighted in the user interface.

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