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Apex Legends: How to Charge the Peacekeeper and Other Guns

Give your Peacekeeper some more power.

by Kyle Hanson


While Apex Legends has tons of items, attachments, and weaponry, it all comes down to what guns you’re using and how well you use them. One of the best types of weapons is certainly the shotgun, giving you truly effective damage for those short distance battles. And one of the best shotgun is the Peacekeeper. One of the features of the Peacekeeper and other guns is that it can be charged, but you need to know how. Here’s how to charge the Peacekeeper and other guns in Apex Legends.

The answer lies in one of those aforementioned attachments. The Precision Choke is a weapon attachment found like all other items in Apex Legends: randomly spread around the map. The Precision Choke offers some weapons the ability to charge up, and this includes the Peacekeeper. All you have to do to utilize the ability is to hold the aim-down-sights button, so right mouse on PC, or the left trigger on PS4 and Xbox One.

Pulling up the weapon, whether it’s a Peacekeeper or any of the Sniper Rifles that the Precision Choke will adhere to, will cause it to start charging up. In case you came here without understanding what charging the Peacekeeper means, it helps add damage and distance to your shots. The Peacekeeper is a shotgun, and like other shotguns it fires in a spread. By charging it with the Precision Choke you focus the shot, making for less spread. This also works for the Triple Threat sniper rifle.

And that’s how to charge the Peacekeeper and other guns in Apex Legends.

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