Apex Legends: How to Check Wins, Kills, and Other Stats

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As Apex Legends grows and becomes more players’ main shooter or Battle Royale game, the temptation is growing to show off how amazing you are at it. Your kills, wins, and tons of other stats are tracked by the game, but if you haven’t dug around, you won’t have found them. In fact, they aren’t even being shown to other players yet, because you need to unlock them first. Here’s how to check wins, kills, and other stats in Apex Legends.

To find your stats, whether that be wins, kills, or otherwise, you just need to head to the Legends menu. Here you can pick any character to see the individual stats you’ve earned with them. Just head to the Banners menu to find them. There they are under the Tracker 1, 2, and 3 menus. Kills are tracked by default, and while other stats are tracked as well, others cannot view them until you unlock them using Crafting Metals (see here for how to get more).

Once you unlock wins or other stats you can set them here so that they show at the beginning of matches. Don’t get a lot of wins? Track damage dealt instead. There’s a lot of options, and you get more as you unlock different stats. Even before this though, this is where they are tracked, so if you don’t care to show off to friends and random online players, just check this menu when you want to pat yourself on the back.

And that’s how to check wins, kills, and other stats in Apex Legends.

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