Apex Legends: Which Character to Pick

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Apex Legends does follow a lot of the usual Battle Royale tropes, such as spawning you in without any guns or weapons. However, it does change a lot of things, like letting you respawn, and having very specified character classes. Now, every character can use every gun in the game, but your abilities, both passive and active, are different. With eight characters, or Legends, to choose from at launch you might be asking yourself which character to pick in Apex Legends. Here’s some help.

Of course, this changes every single game. Apex Legends is a squad-based shooter, so you can’t just main someone like in Smash Bros. Yes, you can have your favorites, but if you go last in the picking order, and your favorite has been chosen, it’s probably best to go with someone else. The characters to choose from are:


Caustic and Mirage are unlockable, so let’s ignore them for now. With the others, what you are looking for is a nice mix of abilities. For one, you likely want a tanky character, such as Gibraltar. This guy can use some really awesome shields to protect himself and his squad. He also has some heavy artillery that can help turn the tide of battle. Alternatively there’s Bangalore, who performs like a nice mix of regular shooter characters. Both of these are good choices starting out, if none of your squadmates have picked them.

You’ll also want a healer in many matches, and few players like to take this role. Lifeline is the Legend of choice here, allowing players to heal their teammates after a hard fought battle. If no member of your squad has picked her, you might want to be the nice one who does, cause you could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Each character in Apex Legends offers something unique to add to the mix. Pathfinder’s grappling hook can come in real handy, choose him if you want to lead the group in traversing the map. Caustic can set nasty traps for other squads to fall into, pick him if you want to be tricky or hole up in a building. Wraith is a blur of a character, offering quick movement that can confuse opponents.

Which character to pick often comes down to what your squad has chosen, and how you want to play. Go through training with all of the characters to understand which work well for you. Then see what your teammates choose before you drop in, and try to build off of those play styles.

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