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Aquanox: How to Change Weapons, How to Buy Duplicates

Both require a little more effort than you'd think.

by Brandon Adams


Aquanox: Deep Descent has plenty of weapons for you to use in the murky blue, and you can easily grab a duplicate of each for some dual-wielding destruction. That said, you’ll need to grind up some cash if you want to rock two of the same sort of weapon, because the duplicate does not come cheap. Changing weapons is also simple on paper, but there’s one major problem that makes it a smidge annoying.

Change weapons in Aquanox with 1/2 or Left/Right D-Pad, and duplicates are bought from docks with currency.

Changing weapons in Aquanox: Deep Descent is simple enough: simply tap 1 or Left on the D-Pad to cycle your left weapon, or 2/Right D-Pad to cycle the right weapon. There isn’t a radial menu to pick exactly what you want, nor can you unequip weapons you own, so be prepared to spam buttons until you get the precise weapon you are looking for. If you overshoot, well, start tapping that button again.

As for duplicate weapons in Aquanox, they take a little finesse to buy. At any dock you’ll notice the first tab allows you to upgrade your submarine. The bomb icon within this menu takes you to your weapons, and it’s from here you can buy a duplicate weapon. There’s a bit of a trick to it though: you’ll need to first equip the weapon you want to buy a duplicate of in one slot, then browse for the duplicate in the other slot. Yes, I tried to see if there was another way, but it’s just that cumbersome.

Once you find the duplicate weapon you’ll need to buy it with cash. Most weapon duplicates in Aquanox run for 7,000 or more credits, so you’ll need to complete bounties and sell off materials if you wish to afford one. Due to the high price you’ll want to prioritize one or two duplicates, otherwise you’ll struggle to keep your submarine upgrades up to date. It’s tempting to try and buy them all, but find what works for you, grab the enhanced version, then buy the duplicate. Otherwise you’ll find yourself perpetually broke, and that’ll just make your time with Aquanox: Deep Descent all the more annoying.

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