Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart Approval and Romance Guide | Likes, Dislikes, and Dialogue Choices

How to romance Shadowheart in Baldur's Gate 3.

by Christian Bognar
How to Romance Shadowheart in Baldur's Gate 3
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Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the most in-depth RPGs of the last decade, shown through its romancing mechanic. Shadowheart is a very popular character, so learn how to romance her with this comprehensive guide.

How to Increase Shadowheart’s Approval in Baldur’s Gate 3

To win Shadowheart over in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must choose dialogue options that gain her trust and approval. Shadowheart respects privacy and boundaries due to her background as a Cleric of the Trickery Domain. Still, she also appreciates curiosity from the player, so any dialogue option that shows interest, while not overbearing, will get an “approval up” rating from Shadowheart.

Shadowheart gives the impression that she is a good person, which she is to a certain degree, where she approves of actions that help others in the world of Baldur’s Gate. Make sure to choose dialogue options and decisions that help characters along your journey. She also has a bad side, where she appreciates thievery due to her membership in the Trickery Domain. Make sure to steal from people every now and again, and Shadowheart will love you for it.

As for skill checks, Shadowheart favors Persuasion, Religion, Insight, and Deceit. Passing these checks will increase your approval rating with Shadowheart, getting you one step closer to romancing her.

Shadowheart’s Likes

To recap the previous section, here’s what you should prioritize to make Shadowheart like you:

  • Show privacy and boundaries.
  • Show curiosity at times.
  • Use actions that help others.
  • Steal from others at times.
  • Pass Persuasion, Deceit, Religion, and Insight skill checks.

Shadowheart’s Dislikes

Shadowheart doesn’t “dislike” very much, but there are a couple of actions that can ruin your relationship with her. First, she has no tolerance for unnecessary cruelty, where the player is terrible to another character for no good reason. Just don’t be spiteful and you should be good in this department.

Shadowheart also doesn’t like Lae’zel very much. If you want to romance Shadowheart, it is essential that you put your relationship with Lae’zel on the back burner and don’t do anything she wants to do. If it comes down to deciding between Lae’zel’s choice or Shadowhearts, always side with Shadowheart.

To recap, here’s what you shouldn’t do to prevent Shadowheart from disliking you:

  • Unnecessary cruelty
  • Side with Lae’zel and do things she wants you to do.

How to Romance Shadowheart

Romancing with Shadowheart will take the majority of the game, although you can “date” her fairly early on in the playthrough. If you want to reach the end of the game as a partner to Shadowheart, follow the rest of this guide, as it will walk you through how to romance Shadowheart in each act of the game.

Act 1 Romance Options

To romance Shadowheart in Act 1, all you need to focus on are the likes mentioned earlier in this guide. Doing so will lead to a high level of approval with her, and you will then get to romance her during a long rest. Before this happens, there is one thing you must do.

It is essential to complete the Druid’s Grove questline and choose to rescue Halsin and the refugees, take a long rest, and then go to speak to Shadowheart during the celebration sequence. Below are the dialogue options you should pick when speaking to Shadowheart during this part of the game.

  • Tieflings?
  • Are you worried Shar won’t approve?
  • I’d be glad to. (when she asks to share a bottle).
  • I’ll find you after everyone’s turned in for the night.

After choosing those dialogue options, return to your bed. This will lead to a cutscene with Shadowheart on the side of a cliff and a romantic night alone with her.

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Act 2 Romance Options

During Act 2, players must go to the Silent Library in the Gauntlet of Shar. Shadowheart is a follower of Shar, meaning this section is critical in improving their relationship with her.

After defeating Balthazar, Shadowheart will try to kill the Nightsong with the Spear of Night. This is where a big decision comes into play, where you can decide whether you should let her kill the Nightsong and embrace being a Shar or prevent her from killing the Nightsong and shun the Shar. The latter requires a Charisma check of DC 20.

If You Let Shadowheart Kill Nightsong

Speak to Shadowheart at the camp, where she will embrace her life as a Shar and change her hairstyle. The dialogue options you choose here don’t matter, as she will change her hairstyle regardless. Tell her the hairstyle looks nice when the dialogue option presents itself.

If You Stopped Shadowheart From Killing Nightsong

If you stopped Shadowheart from killing Nightsong, it is essential to invite Isobel and Nightsong to your camp after defeating Ketheric. Later, you will have the opportunity to talk to Shadowheart, where you can exhaust the dialogue, and she will change her hairstyle for Selune.

The decision of killing Nightsong or not doesn’t seem important when it happens, but you will find that it makes a massive difference in the romance scene you get with Shadowheart in Act 3

Act 3 Romance Options

With Act 2 out of the way, it’s time to start the Act 3 Shadowheart romance process. The first thing you need to do in Act 3 is complete Shadowheart’s companion quest. Once that is out of the way, your decision in Act 2 about Nightsong will come into effect. Here are the two outcomes:

If You Let Shadowheart Kill Nightsong in Act 2

Speak to Shadowheart at camp, who will mention the upcoming battle. Follow the dialogue options we have set out for you below:

  • Any option.
  • Why me?
  • As you wish.

Next, interact with your bed to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, approach the Idol of Selune and pick the following options:

  • What’s that? More wine?
  • Not at all. So now we feast?
  • Kiss her.

These options will lead to a romance scene with Shadowheart.

If You Stopped Shadowheart From Killing Nightsong in Act 2

If you instead decided to spare Nightsong, you must follow different dialogue options. Speak to Shadowheart at the camp, then rest in your bed, triggering a new scene. During this scene, pick the following dialogue options:

  • There are easier ways to get me naked, you know.
  • You first.
  • It’s hard not to. You’re beautiful.
  • Any option.

This will lead to another romance scene with Shadowheart on the beach! Congratulations, you have officially made Shadowheart your number one and completed the romance sequence with her.

Remember, as you make these decisions throughout the game’s three acts, you must follow the likes and dislikes section of this guide. Keeping the approval rating high with Shadowheart is critical for her wanting to romance with you.

- This article was updated on November 8th, 2023

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