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Battleborn Guide: How to Unlock all Characters

by Kyle Hanson


Battleborn, Gearbox’s FPS/MOBA mashup, is all about its characters, or Heroes. These 25 playable heroes are all unique additions to the game, offering a diverse set of gameplay options for players. Depending on your play style, the character that you choose could be the difference between defeat, and total domination of your opponents. However, all of these characters aren’t available to you right when you boot up Battleborn. Instead, they need to be unlocked. Luckily there are a few options for this, so here’s our guide on how to unlock all characters in Battleborn.

First up, you can unlock every single character in Battleborn by simply playing through the game over and over again. This will give you XP, which will boost your command rank. The higher this goes, the more characters you will unlock, such as Toby who is unlocked at command rank level 24. The problem with this method is that it is tedious, and can take forever. Below is the list of characters unlocked at each rank, but thankfully there is another option, so keep reading for that.

Rank 6 – Shayne & Aurox
Rank 8 – Reyna
Rank 10 – Benedict
Rank 12 – Galilea
Rank 14 – Ambra
Rank 16 – Whiskey Foxtrot
Rank 18 – Kelvin
Rank 20 – El Dragon
Rank 22 – Phoebe
Rank 24 – Toby
Rank 26 – Boldur
Rank 28 – Caldarius
Rank 30 – Isic
Rank 32 – Attikus
Rank 34 – Mellka
Rank 36 – Kleese
Rank 38 – Deande
Rank 40 – Ghalt

Many characters in Battleborn can be unlocked via completion of certain objectives. Each of these are different, and they are unique to the character, so if there’s a specific one you want to unlock, like Toby (everybody loves Toby), you can focus in on that particular objective. Below is the list of unlockable characters, along with the objective you need to complete to gain them.

Ambra – Win 5 matches as a Jennerit character
Attikus – Kill 800 Jennerit enemies
Benedict – Win 5 matches as a Peacekeeper character
Boldur – Complete The Experiment
Caldarius – Complete The Renegade
Deande – Complete The Heliophage on advanced diffficulty
El Dragon -Win 5 matches as an LLC character
Galilea – Kill 800 minions of any type
Ghalt – Earn a silver rating on every story mission playing on advanced difficulty
Isic – Complete The Algorithm
Kelvin – Win 5 matches as an Eldrid character
Kleese – Earn a silver rating on every story mission playing on any difficulty
Mellka – Complete The Heliophage
Phoebe – Kill 50 enemy players
Reyna – Get 50 assists in Versus matches
Shayne & Aurox – Complete 5 co-op missions/matches with another player
Toby – Win 5 matches as a Rogue character
Whiskey Foxtrot – Win 15 matches

That’s about it. If the character isn’t listed then they should be unlocked by default. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out our review, which is currently in progress.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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