Best Agents in Veiled Experts, Ranked

Check out the best Agents in Veiled Experts, ranked!

Image: NEXON Games, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

NEXON Games’ new tactical shooter Veiled Experts allows players to take on the field as their favorite agents, all featured as part of the game’s starter roster of 10. But who are the best agents in the game. Now, here are all agents featured as part of Veiled Experts‘ early access release.

All Agents in Veiled Experts, Ranked

Note from the Authors: Our Best Agents in Veiled Experts, Ranked list is regularly updated and based on our team’s vast knowledge of the game’s agents, maps, and modes. In addition, Matthew Kevin Mitchell and Franklin Bellone Borges were given early access to Veiled Experts during its development phase, enabling us to make informed decisions while ranking each agent. We aim to provide you with the ultimate guide that remains relevant no matter how the game progresses or what updates are released.

10. Simon

Image: NEXON Games, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

If Dimitri’s signature ability and exclusive Leptons are focused on improving his ability as a sniper, Simon’s are all focused on increasing his mid and close-range performance.  He also receives an M4 Super 90 in round 2 which is boosted by his Armed Robet native ability.

Overall, Simon is a character who shines while going through the flanks, given his ability to restore HP after downing enemies and stealing 40% of their loot. He is also capable of dealing massive damage through his melee attacks.

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9. Kyle

Image: NEXON Games, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

Kyle is an agent who specializes in rescuing teammates from all kinds of situations through his ability to revive allies faster and at full health. Kyle is also one of the game’s sturdiest agents, given his ability to lower Melee and explosion damage by 40% and restore a large portion of his health after being hit by either.

But do not take him as a pacifist, as Kyle can go head-to-head with the best of them by significantly reducing his weapon’s recoil through his signature ability, Battle Shout, for 5 seconds.

8. Dmitry

Image: NEXON Games, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

The game’s default sniper, Dimitry’s biggest strength lies in his ability to gain the game’s best sniper rifle — the SVD — for free at the start of round 4. He is also able to reveal the location of close-by enemies by performing long-range shots and moving from one objective point to another through is quick burst of speed.

7. Nicky

Image: NEXON Games, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

An excellent pick for pretty much all scenarios, Nicky shines through her ability to come back from the toughest of situations. Her biggest strengths lie in her Cybernetic Heart Recharge Leptoon, and her ability to alter her KDA through her self-revive skill makes her hard to finish. In addition, her ability to gain a large sum of coins through her signature move.

6. Lily Rose

Image: NEXON Games, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

An agent who can quickly overcome daring situations and gain large sums of coins. Lily Rose is the only character in the game capable of using her Primary weapon while incapacitated and will always let out a gas grenade upon defeat. Her Money Tosser signature ability can provide up to a 20% discount on the store for one purchase giving a competitive edge for that round.

She will also gain an extended health poll and a handy movement speed buff when incapacitated. Her ability to convert the damage dealt to enemies during a set time into coins is also an excellent tool, especially in the early portion of a match.

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5. Jack

Image: NEXON Games, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

An agent made for those who pride themselves on being their squad’s most lethal and overall best player. His free pistol in the first round allows him to save up for more essential items like team upgrades. Jack shines through his ability to get buffs after losing teammates as well as actively stun targets and avoid detection.

Jack also allows players to awaken the John Wick in them after being the sole survivor of their squad, as the scenario will allow him to mark the position of all hostiles on the map as well as regain a large portion of health and armor.

4. Rita

Image: NEXON Games, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

The game’s latest addition. Rita is a character difficult to rank given the fact that her performance is dependent on how aggressive you plan on being. With that said, although she is a character who can either make or break your strategy, her self-buffing ability is second to none.

3. Soy

Image: NEXON Games, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

The game’s top supporting agent, Soy is a must on any squad and can be in many cases the difference between getting stomped or obliterating the opposition.

Her biggest strength lies in her ability to continuously heal both herself and her team, all while also being able to detect nearby enemies.

2. Young Sik

Image: NEXON Games, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

Young Sik is a character who has his ability to support his squad while on the field as his biggest strength, given his ability to actively hack the environment and keep tabs on the opposing team. He becomes even better at his job during the second round through the use of his signature Scan Bow. In addition, he can plant or defuse the bomb faster than any other agent in Veiled Experts.

1. Luna

Image: NEXON Games, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

One of the game’s most beginner-friendly agents as well as the best offensive-focused agent in Veiled Experts, Luna is capable of excelling no matter her matchups through her ability to regenerate health continuously as she does damage.

She is also able to automatically regenerate up to 40 HP and gain a buff in movement speed once her health falls below 40%. If you are lucky, she is also capable of regenerating up to 50 HP through her signature move.

- This article was updated on May 19th, 2023

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