Best Asian Fortnite Skins, Ranked

Showcase the Asian culture with the best skins in Fortnite

by Ramses Miaco


Asian culture is beautiful and so many players want to carry it into their games. Thankfully, Epic Games has released a diverse set of skins in Fortnite Battle Royale. Here are the best Asian skins in Fortnite, ranked to give you multiple choices on how to showcase Asian culture!

Best Asian Skins In Fortnite, Ranked From Worst To Best

5. Shifu


Want to cook your enemies while looking like an old guy? Cop Shifu to become a senior warrior that looks like he is probably around for hundreds of years mastering martial arts. He has long white hair and a basic robe. You will notice that Shifu does not have stylish clothes like the other skins in this list, but the simplicity is what makes this skin special. 

Shifu is also in the Fortnite rotating shop for 1,200 v bucks. Keep your eyes peeled to get this skin added to your collection.

4. Smoke Dragon


Mysterious and deadly are probably the words that you will describe this skin. Smoke Dragon might have a modern look but still retains the Asian culture. He wears a colorful but puzzling jacket and pants that will amaze your enemies. Also, he wears several military accessories, such as an armored vest and leg pouch. 

If you want a colorful skin, then Smoke Dragon is the best one for you. This cosmetic is also included in the Fortnite rotating shop for 1,500 v bucks. Try to wait it out and get him right away once he appears.

3.  Jade Racer


Offering a unique style of Asian culture, Jade Racer is an excellent choice for people looking for a modern and stylish skin. Unlike other skins, Jade Racer does not have military accessories to show her readiness on the battlefield. But, she does rock a cool green helmet with a cool design, a bomber jacket, and pants. As the name suggests, her outfit has Jade details, beautifying the skin more. 

Jade Racer is purchasable for 1,200 v bucks, and she is also included in the Fortnite rotating shop like the other skins in this list. Don’t miss the chance to get her once she appears!

2.  Guan Yu


Imperial China is an interesting topic. It was a time when their politics and military had a different style. This Fortnite skin is definitely based on that era. He dons a warlord green armor with gold trim and has long facial and head hair, which suits the ancient China theme. 

Not to mention, his armor has a lot of details that are a sight to behold, including the dragon faces in his armor. This is an excellent cosmetic to purchase if you love the militaristic ancient theme.

Guan Yu was released in Season 6 for 1500 v bucks. Thankfully, he is included in the Fortnite rotating shop, so players can buy him once he appears again in the store!

1. Shogun


Topping off this list is a scary-looking samurai, Shogun, who is ready to topple any enemy he sees using his blade. If Guan Yu is from ancient China, then Shogun is from ancient Japan. Looking at it from the get-go, this is probably the most detailed skin on this list. Wearing cool armor with intricate details, an oni mask, and a mighty helmet, this skin might probably be one of the best in the game. 

Shogun is the most expensive skin on this list, priced at 2000 v bucks. This skin is also in the Fortnite rotating shop, thus can also be obtained once it appears. 

That will be the conclusion of the best Asian Fortnite skins list. Make sure to check the store whenever you can, just in case any of the skins above appear. If you want to troll your enemies inside the game instead, check out the best clown-themed skins in Fortnite

Fortnite is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Android.


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