Best Fortnite Clown Skins, Ranked

Troll your enemies with the best Fortnite clown skins!

by Ramses Miaco


There is no better duo than trolling your enemies while wearing a clown suit in Fortnite. Thankfully, there are multiple outfits that players can wear in the famous battle royale. Here are the best clown skins in Fortnite, ranked, to help you choose what you should get for your next purchase.

Fortnite Clown Skins, Ranked From Best to Worst

4. Night Fright


The first skin in this list has a somewhat terrifying appearance. At first glance, you will instantly notice his dark makeup and red hair, which is pretty common for clowns. Not to mention, his outfit is pretty stylish, too. It has a black and white color scheme with several signs of wear and tear. 

Nite Fright is a selectable style from Nite Nite. This skin was released during Fortnite Chapter 1, Season 5, and priced for 1500 v bucks. Nite Nite (Nite Fright) appears in the item shop occasionally, so you still have a chance to acquire it today.

3. Peekaboo


The female version of Nite Nite, Peekaboo, offers a similar playful clown look but with a different gender. Peekaboo also has red hair and white makeup that is usually seen on party clowns. She has the usual clown outfit with yellow, green, and red colors. Also, the additional details of her clothes, like gloves and balloons, give her a more playful look overall. 

Peekaboo was released last Chapter 1, Season 5, priced for 1500 v bucks, as part of the Party Parade Set with Nite Nite. Thankfully, this skin is in the rotating item shop, so players can see her appear in the shop soon.

2. The Joker


If you are a huge DC fan and want to be a clown simultaneously, then dressing up as the Joker will be the best choice for you. Epic Games releases comic book-themed skins from time to time, and this Batman villain is one of those skins that will surely turn a lot of heads. 

With his comic-accurate appearance, Joker dons a white long sleeve, purple bowtie, and green vest. Also, he wears his iconic face makeup and green hair. Like the other skins in this list, The Joker is also in the rotating item shop, so players can pick him by purchasing The Last Laugh bundle for 30 dollars once it appears in the store again!

1. Creepier


If you thought Nite Fright was terrifying enough, then Creepier will shock you. This skin wears the same outfit as Nite Nite with the yellow, red, and purple top and pants. But here’s the twist, Creepier sports a demonic mask. There is still a little bit of playful essence on Creepier, like his bright colors and balloons, but enemies will still surely fear you when using this skin.

Like Nite Fright, Creepier is one of the versions of Nite Nite, so you can wait until the original one (Nite Nite) appears in the shop and purchase it for 1500 v bucks. 

That was the best Fortnite clown skins ranked from worst to best! In the end, the skin you should be using depends on your preference, so follow your heart and buy what you like. Check out more Fortnite articles by clicking here.

Fortnite is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and Android.

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