Best Body Perks to Unlock First in Cyberpunk 2077

Here are the best Body perks to unlock first in Cyberpunk 2077.

by Christian Bognar
Best Body Perks to unlock first in Cyberpunk 2077
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Cyberpunk 2077 allows players to create a build that fits their playstyle. There are five attributes, each including a skill tree, where players can invest points from leveling up after completing missions. One of the most helpful attributes is Body, emphasizing health, stamina consumption, and increased damage in some areas. Here are the best perks to unlock first for Body in Cyberpunk 2077.

Which Body Perks Should You Unlock First in Cyberpunk 2077?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

First, it’s crucial to understand how the skill tree works in Cyberpunk 2077. Initially, you will only access a few perks within each attribute skill tree. To unlock more, you need to invest attribute points into a specific section, in this case, Body. For example, you need to reach level 9 in Body to unlock the “Pro” perks of the Body skill tree. Let’s get into the best Body perks to unlock first in Cyberpunk 2077.

When you start to invest skill points into Body, you’ll have six perks to choose from in the “Rookie” section of the skill tree. Before unlocking the branching perks, you must select Painkiller first, so go ahead and unlock this first. Painkiller unlocks slow Health Regen in combat. Afterward, here are the following skills to unlock in the Rookie section of Body.

  • Speed Junkie: +60% Health Regen Rate while sprinting.
  • Army of One: +10% Health Regen Rate for each nearby enemy.

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When you reach nine attributes into the Body skill tree, you’ll unlock Pro. The ones you should invest in first are as follows:

  • Die! Die! Die!: -15% recoil at low stamina.
  • Die! Die! Die! Level 2: Increased fire rate as Stamina decreases (max +25% at 0 Stamina).
  • Don’t Stop Me Now: When below 33% Stamina: 15% Mitigation Chance, +5% Mitigation Strength.

When you input fifteen attribute points into Body, you’ll unlock the Phenom section of the skill tree. It’s mandatory to unlock Adrenaline Rush first in Phenom, so do that, which grants you a +35 Max Health. After that, invest skill points into the perks mentioned below.

  • Adrenaline Rush Level 2: +20% Health Regen bonus to all Health regen effects from all sources.
  • Adrenaline Rush Level 3: Unlocks Adrenaline Rush Mode
  • Juggernaut: When Adrenaline Rush is Active: +20% movement speed, +10% damage.

As you can see, you should focus on working your way to unlocking Adrenaline Rush and increasing the effectiveness of this mode. Adrenaline Rush essentially acts as a shield, absorbing damage, and is indicated by a yellow health bar.

Following this path will create a character that can sustain more damage during brutal gunfights against waves of enemies. You’ll find yourself needing to use fewer healing items, as the health regen heals for you and Adrenaline Rush protects your health from diminishing.

- This article was updated on September 23rd, 2023

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