Best Charms in Wildfrost

Equip these charms for some serious buffs.

by Christian Bognar
Best Charms in Wildfrost
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Wildfrost is a tactical roguelike deckbuilding game available on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Charms in Wildfrost are a great way to boost the player and buff their card deck. Charms are an upgrade that can be applied toward cards in the deck to make them more substantial. There are plenty of charms to choose from in Wildfrost, but some make such a considerable difference that any player should get their hands on them as soon as possible. This guide will go over the best charms in Wildfrost.

The Best Charms for Cards in Wildfrost

Below is a list of the best charms in Wildfrost and their effects. These charms are designed to keep you alive longer by increasing defense or raising attack power.

  • Balance Charm – Sets attack, defense, and counter to 3 for a specific card. When used on the right card, this can increase all three stats. Just make sure not to use it on a card that normally has all three stats above 3 points.
  • Cake Charm – Gives any item a +5 to its effect and adds Consume. The Cake Charm will also provide a substantial power bonus to any card.
  • Durian Charm – Removes all text from a card and applies +5 Attack bonus. The Durian Charm can also be used to remove negative effects from a card — making them better overall than their initial version due to completely wiped texts.
  • Greed Charm – Grants +1 attack to every 50 Bling in the player’s wallet. This number is calculated when the card attacks, which can potentially deal serious damage — especially if Bling has been gathered throughout the battle by defeating enemies.
  • Heart Charm – A simple charm that grants a card with an additional 5 HP. Applying this charm to tank cards will make them last even longer, allowing them to do more damage during battle.
  • Punchfist Charm – Whenever you get attacked — you immediately attack back without using a turn.

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There you have it, the best charms currently in Wildfrost. Remember that you can equip up to 3 charms max per card, so equipping 3 of the charms listed above to one card will help substantially. Also, the game does not allow you to switch or swipe charms, so make sure you think your decision through before applying them.

- This article was updated on April 25th, 2023

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