Best Classes in Dark and Darker Ranked Tier List

The highest chance to make it through a dungeon

by J.T. Isenhour

Dark and Darker is what you get when you cross Dungeons and Dragons with Escape From Tarkov. A brutal dungeon-crawling adventure where you not only need to fight your average dungeon monsters but also your fellow adventurers. All so you can make it out with the most loot possible. Since Dark and Darker is based on Dungeons and Dragons, you need to pick a class to play to go adventuring.

Each class in Dark and Darker has its own unique playstyle. Having their own set of abilities and perks that are unique to each class. As well as having their own weapons that they can use. Each class excels at one thing or another in the dungeon, which makes some classes better than others for different playstyles. Let’s go over the best class to play as in Dark and Darker.

Best Classes in Dark and Darker

Each class has its own strengths in the dungeons, but sadly some classes are stronger in areas that don’t matter most of the time. Being really tanky and hard to kill is great if you have someone else doing damage. It’s not as nice when you need to fight back by yourself. Here are the best classes in Dark and Darker.


The barbarian is quite the powerhouse in Dark and Darker. They are the only class at the moment that swings around two-handed weapons, which puts their damage up in the highest tier. They also have a lot of HP to compensate for the lack of armor they start out with. In most cases, if a barbarian gets close to you in combat they will win.

This is what makes them the strongest class in the game, especially for solo play. All you need to worry about when you are in a fight as a barbarian is closing the gap between you and your opponent and you should be able to win.


If you were to check the leaderboards for the highest kills in Dark and Darker, there is a good chance you will see a few rouges up near the top. They are a class that is built to quickly kill anyone that they can catch off guard. Laying in wait to ambush another player is what they excel at with their ability to blend into the darkness.

The only drawback to playing a rouge is that they are almost useless if they get caught out. You really need the advantage that comes from catching someone off guard as you don’t have as much consistent damage output as other classes do. However, once you do get the sneak attack off in a fight, it is as good as yours to win.


Any party going into the dungeons will want to have a cleric on their side. They are the best class in Dark and Darker for not only keeping your party alive but dealing with any undead that you happen to come across in the dungeon as well. A cleric is also quite capable in a fight so they don’t just have to sit around and wait for your party to get hurt before they can be useful.

While they might not be the 1v1 champion that a barbarian is, they are key for making it to the deepest levels of a dungeon and having everyone escape alive.


While ranger might seem like the most powerful class on paper, in practice it is quite different. They do have an unlimited supply of arrows and a trap that can render enemies immobile. However, all of these pros are ruined in practice by having a low damage output and no close-range defense.

All of their perks rely on the person you are attacking staying a decent distance away from you. However, the twisting corridors of the dungeon will provide ample cover for your target to hide behind if they choose to run away. You will be in even more trouble if they choose to fight you and they don’t stay stuck in your trap.


The main spell slinger of Dark and Darker has their role as a monster clearing machine. The spells that wizard comes with are great for clearing out a room of zombies and ghosts, but it’s a different story when it comes to players. They really suffer from the same problem that rangers do of needing enemies to stay at a set range and not hide from them.

The wizard does have a bit more utility in the form of speed and slow spells, as well as an invisibility spell to help them sneak up on someone. But if the other adventurer they are fighting gets within melee range, the wizard is going to have a bad time.


The fighter is a great beginner class for the game. They have a high defense, stacking damage with combo attacks, and they move faster than other classes will when wearing armor. However, this puts them in the boat of a jack-of-all-trades. They will always be out-damaged by a barbarian, they can still be kited out by a ranged class.

The only real thing a fighter has going for them is their high defense. which is nice when going up against monsters, but can be abused by players. It is a great class to learn the ropes of the game with, but once you understand the basics you will probably want to make a different character to play with.

Dark and Darker is set to release in 2023 on PC.

- This article was updated on December 26th, 2022

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