How to Defeat the Goblin Caves Boss in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker's Cave Troll can be toppled with the right strategy.

by Drew Kopp

The latest update for Dark and Darker has added a single-player dungeon known as the Goblin Caves that ends with players facing down a new boss, the Cave Troll. Armed with a massive hammer, the Cave Troll is a dangerous foe that can give even Dark and Darker veterans a hard time. However, any of Dark and Darker’s six classes can bring down the Cave Troll and conquer the Goblin Caves with the right strategy.

How to Defeat Dark and Darker’s Goblin Cave Boss

Image: Dark and Darker

The Cave Troll’s method of attacking the player boils down to hitting them with its hammer, meaning that the best way to dispatch it is by hitting it from a distance. Since the room that the Cave Troll inhabits is quite large, Rangers and Wizards should have plenty of room to lob arrows and spells at it without getting too close. However, while the Cave Troll is usually very slow, hitting it with ranged attacks can trigger it to charge at the player with surprising speed and deliver a sweeping blow. Fortunately, this charge is telegraphed by the Cave Troll reeling back and unleashing a roar, giving the player a chance to duck out of the way of the oncoming attack and continue their ranged assault.

Unfortunately, players running more melee-focused classes like the Fighter or the Barbarian have no choice but to get up close and personal to defeat the Cave Troll. Thankfully, the Cave Troll can be easily baited into using slower attacks by staying just within its reach. With proper timing, the player can reliably dodge the attack and retaliate by delivering a few quick blows before the Cave Troll can recover. Unless the player wants to try and inflict as much damage as possible with a two-handed weapon, it’s best to engage the Cave Troll with a one-handed weapon and a shield to block any attacks they fail to dodge.

Dark and Darker is available as a playable demo until February 13th. Unfortunately, its release date hasn’t been officially revealed, with the game’s Steam page simply stating that the game is “coming soon.”

- This article was updated on February 14th, 2023