Best Danny Build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Abilities, Stats, and Attributes

Check out the best Danny build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

by Christian Bognar
Best Danny Build Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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Danny is a new victim included in the DLC for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, bringing his own unique perks and abilities to the game. This guide will explore the best Danny build in TCM, including skill tree progression and which stats to focus on.

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Best Abilities for Danny in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

When you start leveling Danny on the skill tree in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you want to focus on going directly up instead of taking any branching paths. Doing so will lead you to the first necessary perk, “Fast Hands.” Next, move up one slot; you will want to unlock this build’s second ability, “Extra Drip,” in the left-branching path. Make sure to unlock these two perks:

  • Fast Hands: If a family member is within 10 meters, 25% more progress is awarded for each trap in the lockpicking minigame.
  • Extra Drip: After using a health item, you will continue to receive 2 HP for 8 seconds.

Next, continue in the skill tree until you reach another branching path. Take the right path and make your way up the skill tree. Continue going up and progress past (and unlocking) “Headstart” and “Taekwon Door.” These are mandatory to unlock along the way, but you won’t be using them.

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Take a left at the next branching path and continue moving until you reach “Choose Flight.” Choose Flight is the skill we want for this best Danny build.

  • Choose Flight: Fight or Flight? Choose Flight. Once depleted, your stamina bar will instantly refill. Has one charge.

Once you unlock Choose Flight, you are all set to create the best Danny build in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The best loadout for Danny is as follows:

  • Study and Tamper
  • Fast Hands
  • Choose Flight
  • Extra Drip

As a victim, it is essential to open doors quickly, and unfortunately, there are a ton of locks to pick due to Cook setting them up. Having Fast Hands will allow you to speed through these lockpicks, allowing you a quicker escape and increasing your chances of surviving.

As for Choose Flight, you will instantly get an extra stamina bar when you deplete the first one. This can be all you need to survive the round, as it can be the last push to make it to the exit while a killer is on your back. Lastly, Extra Drip will give Danny more HP every time he uses a Health Item. Again, this helps with the chances of survival.

Best Stats and Attributes for Danny in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Danny is a victim who doesn’t excel in combat encounters, meaning you should focus on stats that help him escape as quickly as possible. For starters, you should focus on increasing Danny’s Endurance, which will help him run for longer, recover quickly, and move faster. Next, focus on Toughness. This will grant Danny more HP, making him a better victim overall and increasing his chances of escaping a killer’s attacks.

- This article was updated on December 1st, 2023

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