Best Diablo 4 Druid Build – Skills Stats, and Items

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Are you looking for the best Diablo 4 Druid build, including skills, stats, and items? The second beta access for Diablo IV is now underway, and it is the best time to try out different builds for the available classes to see what works best for completing the game and your playstyle. We now have access to the Druid class, which is expected to bring a lot of fun builds based on its different animal forms. The Druid specializes in shapeshifting as well as Earth and Storm Magic.

Best Diablo 4 Druid Build

This melee shapeshifting build uses Claw, Shred, and Companions to improve your Critical Strike Chance, increase your Attack Speed, and provide Poison utility. The Lacerate Ultimate ability will allow you to one-shot bosses if done correctly. This build will allow you to hit level 25 very quickly in the beta. Afterward, you can adjust this build to hit the max level and begin farming items.

Best Diablo 4 Druid Skills

Here are the best Diablo 4 Druid Skills for this build.


  • Claw 1/5
  • Enhanced Claw
  • Fierce Claw


  • Shred 5/5
  • Enhanced Shred
  • Primal Shred
  • Predatory Instinct 3/3


  • Blood Howl 1/5
  • Enhanced Blood Howl
  • Preserving Blood Howl


  • Vine Creeper 1/5
  • Enhanced Vine Creeper
  • Brutal Vine Creeper
  • Ravens 1/5
  • Enhanced Ravens
  • Ferocious Ravens


  • Neurotoxin 1/3


  • Lacerate
  • Prime Lacerate
  • Supreme Lacerate


  • None

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Best Diablo 4 Druid Spirit Boons

Here are the best Spirit Boons for this build:

  • Prickleskin
  • Eagle
  • Scythe Talons
  • Avian Wrath
  • Masochistic
  • Packleader

Best Diablo 4 Druid Codex of Power Aspects

Here are the best options for the Codex of Power for this build.


  • Aspect of Retaliation
  • Nighthowler’s Aspect


  • Aspect of the Unsatiated

Best Diablo 4 Druid Stats

The three most important stats for the Druid are as follows:

  • Strength: +1 Armor per point
  • Intelligence: +0.05% All Resistance per point
  • Willpower: +0.1% Healing Received and +0.25% Overpower Damage per point
  • Dexterity: +0.025% Dodge Chance per point

Best Diablo 4 Druid Items

There isn’t enough data to determine what items will be best in the slot for the Druid yet, but we will update this guide once we know more! In the meantime, you can focus on picking items with the above three stats to fit whatever playstyle you like.

- This article was updated on March 24th, 2023

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