Best GTA Online RP Glitches (Working 2024)

Here are the best GTA Online RP Glitches!

by Christian Bognar
GTA Online Glitches Working in 2024. GTA Online Character Standing with Car.
Image: Rockstar Games

Are you looking to make a large sum of RP through glitches in GTA Online? There have been many glitches in recent years, but most have been patched and no longer work.

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The good news is that a few glitches are working in 2024, allowing you to obtain tons of RP without much effort on your part. Here are the best GTA Online RP Glitches working in 2024.

Peyote Plant RP GTA Online Glitch

The first GTA Online RP glitch we have for you requires that the Peyote plants be online, which generally lasts seven days, so you should be fine there. Once the Peyote Plants are online, Google the locations of a Peyote Plant and then follow the steps below.

  1. Head to a Peyote Plant location
  2. Interact with the Peyote Plant to turn into an animal.
  3. Open the Pause menu and select “Quit to Main Menu” under the Online section.
  4. Load back into an online session.

After you load back into the online session, you will notice that you have obtained 5,000 RP, and the Peyote Plant you ate has respawned. Rinse and Repeat the steps mentioned to farm as many RP as you’d like!

AFK RP GTA Online Glitch

The next RP Glitch can be done AFK, allowing you to gather a ton of RP without even playing the game. You first need to purchase the Up-n-Atomizer weapon from a gun store to do this glitch. Additionally, you need to download AFK playlist jobs into your game. Below are links to download AFK playlist jobs corresponding with the console you are playing GTA Online on.

Once you have the Up-n-Atomizer weapon in your inventory and added AFK Playlists, follow the steps we have laid out for you below. 

  1. Head to the Online tab in the Pause Menu.
  2. Select Playlists and then My Playlists.
  3. Load into an AFK Playlist.
  4. Choose Up-n-Atomizer as a starting weapon.
  5. Confirm settings and press play.

When you enter the job, equip the Up-n-Atomizer weapon and shoot into the distance. After approximately 20 minutes, the round will conclude, and you will be rewarded with around 4,000 RP. This is because all enemies will react to your shooting and die in the water. If you want to do this AFK, you can place a small item down on the button you use for shooting or tie a rubber band around the trigger if you play on a console.

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Working Money GTA Online Glitch

Here is a little bonus section for you — the best money-making glitch in GTA Online. To get an enormous amount of money fast in GTA Online:

  1. Go to the Casino and head to Three Card Poker in the High Limit table area.
  2. Place a max bet.
  3. If you lose, quit to the main menu and load back into the game to try again.
  4. If you win, leave the table and change your outfit to force a save.
  5. Repeat steps.

Each time you win a max bet at the High Limit table, you will receive 150,000 dollars. This glitch allows you never to lose money if you fail the bet, but always win money when you succeed. 

- This article was updated on January 17th, 2024

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