Best House Designs in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

It's amazing what you can do with "only kind of" custom options.

by Alex Huebner

If you’ve always wanted to design your own home in Hyrule, welcome to your dream home (sort of)! Link’s home from Breath of the Wild has mysteriously become Zelda’s home, leaving you with an opportunity to build your own place. While there are limitations to what players are allowed to do when building their own home, some have built some true masterpieces within the limitations. Here are some of the best house designs in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Home on the Range

Image: chesepuf on Reddit

This beautiful home created by chesepuf on Reddit and shown in a video starts off with dual stables out front and stairs to the upper level next to the front door. Once inside, you see a wonderful use of the triangle room to create space between the different furnished rooms. The bottom level has all the cozy spaces like the bedroom and kitchen, while the upper level has a weapons room and gives some outdoor space with a beautiful exterior water feature overlooking the hills in Tarrey Town.

Relaxation Station


What lands this beauty on my best house designs in TotK list is the exterior of this home has a really unique and beautiful shape that works even better on the inside. In the video on Reddit, ShokaLGBT separates their relaxation from their business with their home design. As you enter you see the weapons and shields rooms on the left and kitchen on the right so you can grab what you need or cook up some meals while you take a break from exploring. Up the stairs gives a very different, peaceful feel with a bedroom and prayer space combined together with a triangle room.

Room with a View

Image: IronKnuckleSX on Reddit

While we don’t get to see the full extent of this home, the way IronKnuckleSX on Reddit has created windows here where there aren’t any surprised me. In their post, they stated by using stables on the upper level and connecting it to the interior rooms, you get the illusion of windows. The stables don’t feature the same walls as the rooms intended for inside the home and open it up nicely.

Rooftop Patio


Another unique solution to the no-window problem is this adorable outdoor patio created by pepperedbeans_ on Reddit. The stairs on the outside lead up to an open air section of the home that overlooks Terry Town. The location of the stairs also adds a great balance to the home exterior with the stable on the opposing side of the house.

The Secret Room

Image: Illustrious_Flower96 on Reddit

Seeing as Zelda took your house and created a secret room, you may as well create a secret room of your own. Illustrious_Flower96 on Reddit built a gorgeous hidden space, only accessible through the ascend function. In the main areas you have all the expected rooms, but when you go to the second floor you can ascend to Link’s stash of weapons and shields. Since your home is right next to a shrine, getting out and back to your home easily is just a hop, skip, and a jump — maybe a little paraglide if you’d like.

- This article was updated on June 1st, 2023

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