Best Jobs in Ragnarok Origin

Check out the best jobs in Ragnarok Origin!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Ragnarok Origin allows players to make use of one out of six main Jobs, each featuring their own Promotion Classes, in order to bring the most out of their character. But which are the best jobs in Ragnarok Origin? Now, here are the best jobs in Ragnarok Origin, ranked from worst to best.

The Best Jobs in Ragnarok Origin, Ranked

6. Merchant

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To start off we have the Merchant, which is without a doubt the most unique main job in the whole game. The Merchant is a well-balanced job whose main strength shines in their ability to support both in and outside the field of combat. Their unique talents are best showcased when purchasing items and crafting/enhancing various types of equipment and weapons.

5. Mage

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If you are looking for a job capable of dealing massive damage in truly large AoEs, the Mage will be the perfect choice for you. But their massive offensive prowess comes with a price, as they can be considered, together with the Acolyte, as one the most fragile jobs in the game.

4. Acolyte

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The game’s equivalent to the healer/White Mage class, the Acolyte is a job capable of shifting the outcome of any battle through its ability to both heal efficiently and provide allies with a truly wide array of handy buffs.

Given its role as a mainly supporting job, the Acolyte is not capable of tanking attacks effectively, thus making the job a poor choice for those playing solo.

For those looking to go against the current and play Acolyte while on solo, going for the Monk Promotion Class can be a great bet, as the class will provide you with a good chunk of offensive options and an alternative playstyle.

3. Thief

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A job that shines while featured as part of a party or under specific conditions, the Thief has its ability to score Critical hits while actively debuffing and poisoning enemies as its biggest strength.

The job’s Promotion Classes will also allow you to potentialize two different playstyles by focusing on either debuffing + CRIT or on dealing increased base damage.

2. Archer

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Differently from the remaining melee jobs in the game, the Archer is focused on allowing players to deal massive and continuous damage from a distance by performing a wide variety of both target focused and AoE skills,

Given their ability to deal massive damage from safe distances, their mobility, as well as their Sniper Promotion Class, the Archers are undoubtedly the best choice for those looking to venture solo in Ragnarok Origin.

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1. Swordsman

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The game’s most beginner friendly as well as its best overall job, the Swordsman is a job that shines through its ability to effectively tank, all while also dealing massive damage.

Although the job works as a main tank, its solid offensive ability makes it the second-best choice for those looking to venture solo. Once you unlock its Promotion Classes, you will also be able to either further empower your overall damage or double down on your supporting abilities.

- This article was updated on April 10th, 2023

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