Genshin Impact Tier List (3.4): The Best Main DPS’, Sub-DPS’, and Supports Ranked

Check out the best characters in Genshin Impact, ranked

by Franklin Bellone Borges

Genshin Impact features an extensive roster of playable characters, all capable of playing a wide array of roles and part of the game’s ever-changing meta. But who are the game’s best? Now, in order to help you assemble your dream team and pull for the best in the game, here are the best Main-DPS’, Sub-DPS’, and Supports on Genshin Impact, ranked.

  • Note: On this list, we decided to only feature the game’s S and A-Tier characters for each role.

Genshin Impact Tier List: The Best Main DPS’, Sub-DPS’, and Supports Ranked

As usual, we divided the game’s best characters into two different tiers: S, for those who excel by themselves while synergizing with a specific set of supports. And A, for those who need the presence of specific characters and rotations to excel in combat, or who can perform their role in the current meta, despite not being game-changers.

The Best Main DPS’, Ranked


Overall, the main DPS is in most cases your team’s star/hardest hitter, as well as your main source of damage. With that said, among the game’s roster, both Hu Tao and Ganyu set themselves apart thanks to their ability to deal massive amounts of damage at quick intervals. You can check out the best Main DPS’ in Genshin Impact, as well as a short overview of each of them below:

S-Tier Main DPS’

  • Hu Tao: The game’s top Pyro damage dealer as well as its strongest DPS. Hu Tao‘s biggest strengths are her ability to deal massive amounts of Pyro damage at almost no interval while also being able to trigger Vaporize and Melt as often as possible. Overall, the only must-have to bring the best out of Hu Tao is a Hydro support capable of fast application, such as Xingqiu or Yelan.
  • Ganyu: The game’s best Cryo DPS, as well as a beast even when taking the field without focused supports, Ganyu can be considered the game’s best self-sustainable DPS, although the presence of a shield support can be considered vital if you plan on actively using her. Just like Hu Tao, Ganyu’s personal damage output is on a whole different scale when compared to the other characters in our list.
  • Tartaglia: The game’s best Hydro DPS, Tartaglia, shines applies the element on enemies, thus triggering and enabling reactions on the field.
  • Eula: The game’s best Physical DPS, Eula, is capable of demolishing hordes of enemies through sheer force, thanks to her high damage multipliers and her ability to deal massive Elemental Burst damage. In order to bring the most out of her, we recommend the use of a Cryo battery and an Electro Sub-DPS.
  • Kamisato Ayaka: Ayaka’s biggest strength lies in her ability to constantly apply Cryo and trigger reactions on the field. Her damage output can be taken to even greater heights by pairing her up with a support capable of decreasing a target’s defense, as well as those capable of offering flat damage bonuses.
  • Yoimiya: Like Hu Tao, Yoimiya deals frequent Pyro damage and trigger damaging reactions often. When using Yoimiya, it is recommended that you bring a Hydro support capable of fast application.

A-Tier Main DPS’

  • Arataki Itto: The game’s top Geo DPS, Arataki Itto, shines by dealing massive ounces of Geo damage when in his elemental Burst state. With that said, the nature of the Geo Element and the fact that he needs Gorou in order to truly excel really restricts his potential.
  • Tighnari: Currently the game’s only DPS-focused Dendro unit, Tighnari deals massive Dendro damage and make use of the proprieties of the Spread reaction as often as possible.
  • Wanderer: The newest addition to the game’s roster, the Wanderer is able to deal a constant and high amount of Anemo damage when paired with the right supports, in this case, either Bennett or Faruzan.
  • Keqing: Called by many as the Electro-queen, Keqing jumped back into the meta thanks to the addition of the Aggravate sub-reaction, which is able to massively increase her damage. Overall, Keqing’s biggest strength lies in her self-sustainability while on the field.
  • Xiao: The prime example of a selfish DPS, Xiao is still one of the game’s best, thanks to his ability to deal massive Anemo damage while in his burst state. With that said, although his overall damage is great, it does not make up for his dependence on a team fully focused on him when compared to some of the game’s heaviest hitters.
  • Nahida: A surprise for many, Nahida is an excellent main DPS, thanks to her ability to deal constant amounts of Dendro DMG, her high elemental Skill multipliers, and the properties of the Spread reaction. With that said, like Itto, she needs a very specific team to shine.
  • Nilou: Although highly demanding, Nilou can be, for those able to gear her up with the best weapons and team compositions, an excellent main DPS.
  • Cyno: Another staple example of selfish DPS, Cyno deals high and constant amounts of Electro damage. In order to bring the most out of Cyno, it is vital that you make use of a team featuring a support capable of frequent Dendro application.
  • Alhaitham: Featuring a set that can be considered as a Dendro version of Keqing’s, Alhaitham is capable of dealing high amounts of constant damage, through both his multipliers and the use of the Spread reaction.

The Best Sub-DPS’, Ranked


Differently than the main DPS class, Sub-DPS’ are classified by their ability to work as your team’s secondary source of damage while, in many cases, enabling your whole party, thus increasing their damage through passives, reactions, and continuous buffs/debuffs. Yelan and Xiangling can serve as prime examples of the class.

Sub-DPS characters like the Raiden Shogun can also be used in the main DPS slot in compositions featuring fast rotations, such as in the widely acclaimed Raiden National team, only made possible thanks to the low cooldown of her Burst.

You can check out the best overall Sub-DPS’ in Genshin Impact, as well as what makes each of them excel below:

S-Tier Sub-DPS’

  • Raiden Shogun: The game’s best Electro Sub-DPS/Battery. The Raiden Shogun is capable of excelling in doing both, by generating massive amounts of particles, triggering/enabling reactions and dealing massive damage with her Elemental Burst.
  • Yae Miko: Although she can also be considered as an off-the-field main DPS, Yae Miko shines by dealing continuous amounts of massive Electro DMG through her Elemental Skill. Differently from most on our list, she needs to be inserted into a fast rotation and must be paired with Raiden in order to excel.
  • Xingqiu: Although not capable of dealing high damage, Xingiu shines as a sub-DPS who constantly applies Hydro and excels in Vaporize/Freeze compositions.
  • Yelan: Considered by many as a highly damaging version of Xingqiu, Yelan is capable of also filling in as your main DPS in Vaporize-focused compositions, mainly thanks to her massive Elemental Burst damage.
  • Fischl: The Prinzessin der Verurteilung shines as a sub-DPS that deals high amounts of off-the-field Electro damage, thus enabling reactions. She can also work really well in a wide array of rotations with her Burst damage and Oz’s high uptime.
  • Xiangling: The game’s best Pyro sub-DPS, Xingling’s Pyronado is a skill capable of both dealing massive damage and triggering/enabling reactions, making her a must for all Reverse-Melt/Vaporize-focused teams as well as for those looking to deal extra damage with support combinations.
  • Albedo: Although Albedo is considered by many as a shield-focused support due to his ability to offer shields to the party through Crystalize, his ability to continuously deal 10,000+ Geo damage makes him a great Sub-DPS for any composition. In Geo-focused teams, C1 Albedo can also fill in as a secondary battery.

A-Tier Sub-DPS’

  • Noelle: Noelle shines deals high amounts of Geo damage while keeping the party healthy and secured. At C6, Noelle’s damage output skyrockets, thus allowing her to fill in as a main DPS in Geo-focused compositions, given that you are capable of keeping her Burst active by making use of well-timed rotations.
  • Beidou: A sub-DPS whose biggest strength can only be pulled out when playing the role of a Burst-DPS/Carry, Beidou’s Elemental Burst scales well in a wide array of scenarios. With that said, using her effectively needs a very specific team and rotation.
  • Rosaria: Rosaria is considered one of the game’s best whose high damage is supported by her Elemental Burst. She also generates energy with her Skill, all while also increasing your DPS’ Crit Rate. At C6, Rosaria also becomes capable of lowering the Physical Resistance of opponents by 20%, making her perfect for the second sub-DPS role in Eula-focused teams.

The Best Supports (Shielder/Healer/Buffer), Ranked


There is a saying in the gaming community claiming that no DPS can shine the brightest without a good support, and that is an absolute truth in Genshin Impact, as the supports play a vital role in increasing your overall damage, keeping the party alive, and making sure your DPS is free to deal as much damage as possible without worries. Very few are capable of outclassing Kazuha, Bennett, Xingqiu, Zhongli, and Nahida in that regard. You can check out the best overall supports in Genshin Impact, as well as what makes each of them excel below:

S-Tier Supports

  • Kaedehara Kazuha: The game’s best elemental-focused support, Kazuha excels massively increases your DPS’ elemental damage through both his Skill and Burst. Equipping him with the right Artifact set can also allow him to constantly debuff targets, thus pushing your damage seeling even further.
  • Nahida: The game’s best Dendro support, Nahida is capable of both buffing her teammate’s damage and enabling constant reactions, a combination which makes her a must for any Dendro-focused team, as well as the best support for Nilou and a key piece in any Aggravate-focused composition.
  • Xingqiu: The game’s top Hydro support, as well as a must-have in any reaction-focused compositions, Xingqiu’s Elemental Skill deals high damage, heals, and applies fast and constant ounces of Hydro to enemies. He is also the best overall support for Hu Tao and Yoimiya.
  • Bennett: The game’s best utility support, Bennett massively buffs your whole team’s overall damage and heals extremely efficiently, all while generating large amounts of particles.
  • Gorou: Gorou is the best overall support for both Itto and Noelle because he boosts the active character’s overall Defense and Geo damage. While on C4+, Gorou will also be able to actively heal, thus becoming a support capable of excelling both offensively and defensively.
  • Kokomi: The game’s best healer, Kokomi keeps your main DPS healthy while also constantly applying Hydro to opponents.
  • Zhongli: The game’s best shield support, Zhongli controls the field and protects your team throughout the whole ordeal, thanks to both the Cristalyze reaction and his Jade Shield, the latter of which also lowers the resistance of nearby enemies by 20%.
  • Albedo: Aside from Zhongli, Albedo is the game’s top shield support, thanks to his already-mentioned ability to damage, offer buffs, and constantly generate shields from reactions.
  • Diona: The best Cryo utility support in the game, Diona offers a sturdy shield, healing, and applying Cryo to opponents actively. These strengths showcase Diona as a must-have on teams focused on dealing Physical damage, as well as a great addition to any Cryo-focused team.
  • Faruzan: Faruzan’s ability to massively buff your Anemo DPS, as well as actively debuff enemies makes her the game’s best Anemo offensive support and a must for teams featuring both Xiao and the Wanderer.
  • Sucrose: As a purely elemental-focused support, Sucrose controls the field and deals high amounts of Anemo damage, all while generating particles and buffing teammates through an increase in Elemental Mastery (Reaction Damage). If equipped with the right artifact set, Sucrose will also be able to actively debuff targets.
  • Mona: Commonly featured on the teams of those who wish to showcase bit numbers, Mona is a great support who applies Hydro and really takes your overall damage to a whole new level by using her ability to apply the Illusory Bubble status.

A-Tier Supports

  • Yun Jin: Although she is a Geo unit, Yun Jin’s ability to offer a flat damage bonus to all normal attacks through her Elemental Burst makes her a great addition to teams revolving around DPS like Kamisato Ayato and Yoimiya. She can also work really well as a battery, given the nature of her set.
  • Shenhe: Similar to how Faruzan’s kit is made to work with an Anemo DPS, Shenhe has her ability to buff Cryo as her main strength, making her a great addition to both Ayaka and Ganyu teams.
  • Barbara: Barbara offers both Hydro application and great amounts of healing, making her a great pick for both newcomers and those looking to venture into the depths of the Abyss. Funny enough, Barbara can also work surprisingly well as an elemental DPS, although doing so will require a very specific team rotation.
  • Jean: Like her sister, Jean heals efficiently through the use of her Elemental Burst. she is also capable of generating large amounts of particles and, if equipped with the right artifact set, actively debuff opponents.
  • Yaoyao: The game’s only Dendro healer, Yaoyao is capable of healing efficiently while also allowing you the ability to trigger Dendro-related reactions, mainly Aggravate.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on January 17th, 2023