Genshin Impact Ayaka DPS Build (2.6): Best Weapon, Artifacts, and Team Composition

Check out how to build Kamisato Ayaka as a top tier Cryo DPS

by Franklin Bellone Borges


The second wave of banners part of Genshin Impact‘s version 2.6 “Zephyr of the Violet Garden” is set to debut in a few hours, featuring the first Kamisato Ayaka rerun since her debut in Genshin Impact’s version 2.0 ”The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia”. With that said, and to make sure that you are ready for the Ayaka rerun, here’s a Kamisato Ayaka DPS build sure to show all the true might of the Lady of the Kamisato House.

Best Weapons for Ayaka

Taking into account that Ayaka is a character capable of dealing high amounts of elemental damage, both with her normal attacks and with her high damaging Elemental Burst, Kamisato Art: Soumetsu, our main recommendation would be her featured weapon, the 5-star sword Mistsplitter Reforged, which offers not only a good chunk of CRIT DMG but also an elemental damage bonus of at least 12% (R1), a value which can be further enhanced by 8/16/28% (R1), based on the number of Mistsplitter’s Emblem stacks gained by her.

If getting the Mistsplitter Reforged is not an option, using the 5-star Skyward Blade is also recommended, as the weapon offers a good boost in both overall ATK and ATK Speed, all while offering a good chunk of Energy Recharge and an always welcome Crit Rate boost of 4% at R1. When talking about the available 4-star weapons, our main pick would be the fully refined Amenoma Kageuchi, which offers Ayaka, apart from a good ATK% bonus, the ability to recover up to 26 energy particles per Elemental Burst performed.


Kamisato Ayaka DPS Build Guide: Artifacts and Substats

Artifact-wise, our main recommendation would be a 4-piece Blizzard Strayer, thanks to its ability to not only offer a boost of 15% in Cryo Damage but also offer an additional 20% Crit Rate when attacking enemies affected by Cryo. The Crit Rate boost can be further increased to 40% by freezing your opponents before attacking. You can check out the recommended main stat for each artifact piece below:

  • Flower of Life: HP%
  • Plume of Death: ATK%
  • Sands of Eon: ATK%
  • Goblet of Eonothem: Cryo Damage Bonus
  • Circlet of Logos: CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG

When talking about substats, we advise you to focus on CRIT Rate, CRIT Damage, and Energy Recharge. It’s also important to point out that if you plan on relying heavily on the effects of a 4-piece Blizzard Strayer, it’s okay to focus heavily on CRIT DMG, as you can also use the effects of the Shattering Ice resonance (Cryo + Cryo) to reach the recommended amount of CRIT Rate.

What Talents to Prioritize?

Like many of the game’s top-tier DPS’, Ayaka’s kit is well balanced. With that said, taking into account that her main source of damage lies in both her Normal Attacks and Elemental Burst, we advise you to focus on both of them first. Just remember to keep the values balanced when using your resources.

Ayaka Build: Team Compositions and Rotations

First of all, as getting her Elemental Burst available as soon as possible is a must for Ayaka, is vital that you make use of a Cryo battery, such as Diona or Rosaria, as they will not only increase the availability of Ayaka’s burst but also further increase her Crit Rate bonus against enemies affected by Cryo. Using a Anemo support equipped with the Viridescent Venerer set is also a must, thanks to their ability to decrease the opponent’s resistance against Cryo by 40%. Last but not least, using a Hydro Sub DPS/Support is also advised, as it will allow you to keep your enemies in place while further increasing Ayaka’s Crit Rate.

With that said, here are some team compositions sure to bring the best out of Ayaka on Genshin Impact:

  • Kamisato Ayaka + Diona/Rosaria + Mona/Sangonomiya Kokomi + Kaedehara Kazuha
  • Kamisato Ayaka + Shenhe + Diona + Kazuha/Kokomi/Xingqiu/Ayato
  • Kamisato Ayaka + Rosaria + Kazuha/Jean + Kamisato Ayato

Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices – Android, and iOS.

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