5 Best Loadouts in Ready or Not

There are many ways to play this game, but some might work better.

by Davi Braid

Ready or Not is a game that offers a wide variety of load-outs to suit different playstyles. Here are some of our favorite loadouts.

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The 5 Best Loadouts in Ready or Not and Why to Use Them

Ready or Not allows players to express themselves with their load-outs since there’s no single correct answer to what is the best gear build in the game. That said, some loadouts might work better for specific tasks than others. Make sure to add a flashlight to your main gun if your next mission is on a dark map such as Twisted Nerve.

The Score Hunter

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This loadout is designed to achieve higher scores. The non-lethal options can help in situations where you want to incapacitate rather than kill.

  • Beanbag shotgun
  • Taser
  • Mirror gun
  • Anti-stab vest (ceramic)
  • Gas mask
  • 10 CS gas grenades
  • 1 pepper spray
  • 1 stinger
  • Primary Ammunition 4
  • Secondary Ammunition 0

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The Powerhouse

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The SA-58 has incredible stopping power, even against the heaviest armor. The key is to use it in semi-auto mode.

  • SA-58 (semi-auto mode, flashlight)
  • .357 Magnum
  • Mirrorgun
  • Ballistic Mask
  • Heavy Armor (full, ceramic)
  • 2 Flashbangs
  • 2 Stingers
  • 1 C2
  • Primary Ammunition 4 (AP)
  • Secondary Ammunition 2 (JHP)

The Stealth Operator

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This loadout includes an SR-16 rifle, which is light and powerful, making it suitable for stealth. The G19 with a GM suppressor, Laser, and Flashlight are there as a backup.

  • SR-16 (suppressor, combat grip)
  • G19 (SRO Dot, suppressor, flashlight)
  • Mirror gun
  • Lockpick gun
  • 3 Stingers
  • 3 CS Gas
  • 1 Wedge
  • Primary Ammunition 4 (AP)
  • Secondary Ammunition 1 (JHP)

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The Map Master

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Although the ideal way to ready your loadout is by knowing what the next mission will be and prepping accordingly, there is a common base. This loadout is designed to be versatile and adaptable to different maps.

  • ARN-18 (laser, suppressor)
  • G19 (laser, suppressor)
  • Battering Ram
  • 5 flash grenades
  • 1 pepper spray
  • 1 door block
  • Medium vest (steel plate)
  • Ballistic Mask
  • Primary Ammunition 3 (AP)
  • Secondary Ammunition 1 (JHP)

The Solid All’Rounder

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I recommend this one for beginners. It is decent enough to be used in all early missions and is more than enough to get an A-rank when you get used to the game.

  • MK18 (suppressor and combat grip)
  • USP45 Pistol (laser Pointer)
  • Heavy Armor (ceramic)
  • Mirrorgun (mandatory if playing solo) or Ballistic Shield (if a squadmate has a Mirrorgun already)
  • Light
  • Ballistic Mask
  • 2 Stingers
  • 3 Flashbangs
  • 1 Wedge
  • Primary Ammunition 4 (AP)
  • Secondary Ammunition 1 (JHP)

- This article was updated on December 18th, 2023

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