Best Low-End League of Legends Settings: Maximize FPS and Performance

Here are the best low-end League of Legends settings to boost FPS and performance.

by Christian Bognar
League of Legends FPS and Performance Boost
Image: Riot Games

You may be trying to improve performance and FPS in League of Legends but can’t do it due to your low-end PC. We have you covered in this guide with the best low-end settings for League of Legends to increase performance and FPS for a smoother experience.

How to Increase FPS and Performance for League of Legends On a Low-End PC

Just because you’re PC isn’t one of the most expensive ones on the market and is considered “low-end” doesn’t mean you have to suffer from poor performance. Follow the steps we have laid out for you below to increase performance and FPS in League of Legends.

League of Legends Client General Settings

  1. Enable Low Spec Mode in the League Client Settings.
  2. Check “Close client during the game.”
  3. Uncheck “Automatically Send Crash Reports.”

Once completed, head to your folder where League of Legends is installed and go to the config folder to edit the “Game.CFG” file. Next, make sure the Game.CFG File is not write-protected by right-clicking the game file and selecting “Properties.” In the properties section, disable the write protected option. Once you have that out of the way, scroll down to [Performance] in the config folder. Move on to the next section.

Config Folder Performance Settings

  • GraphicsSlider: 0
  • CharacterInking: 0
  • EnableHUDAnimations: 0
  • BudgetOverdrawAverage: 5
  • BudgetSkinnedVertexCount: 100000
  • BudgetSkinnedDrawCallCount: 10
  • BudgetTextureUsage: 1000
  • BudgetVertexCount: 100000
  • BudgetTriangleCount: 100000
  • BudgetDrawCallCount: 100
  • EnableFXAA: 0
  • FrameCapType: 0
  • ShadowQuality: 0
  • EffectsQuality: 0
  • EnvironmentQuality: 0
  • CharacterQuality: 0
  • AutoPerformanceSettings: 0

After inputting those numbers to their corresponding settings in the config folder, save the file and open League of Legends.

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Settings In-Game

When League of Legends is open, head into the options and settings menu in-game and change the following settings:

  • Hide Eye Candy: Enable
  • Screen Shake: Disable
  • Character Inking: Off
  • Hud Animations: Disable
  • Show Health Bar Animations: Disable

After changing those settings, click on okay and close the settings menu. Lastly, head into Practice Mode and select the Task Manager. Go into details, find the League of Legends game, right-click on it, and set the priority to High.

Once you complete all the steps mentioned in this guide, your low-end PC will run League of Legends a hundred times better than previously. These settings will also make the graphics look much better, offering a smoother experience.

- This article was updated on November 21st, 2023

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