Best Minecraft Faction Servers

Join these servers for the best Factions experience!

by Christian Bognar


Minecraft Factions has been a fan favorite since the community started learning how to create amazing mods. There are tons to choose from, but some offer a more unique and exciting player experience. If you are new or are just curious about which servers are the best, we have compiled a list of our favorites so you can get an idea.

The Best Faction Servers in Minecraft

Read on to discover our top five faction servers and why we think they are worth your time. These offer the most value by providing constant updates, exciting raids, and a great community of players to get to know.


Having all the requirements for a fantastic Minecraft factions server, this is one you are not going to want to miss. Desteria offers all the excitement you usually get from factions, such as raids, planning events, and building a solid defense. What players love most about this factions server is that it offers a bunch of unique realms not generally seen within the community, adding a lot of variety to the player experience.

Players have the opportunity to create a faction from scratch. Or, go ahead and join an already existing one to lend a helping hand. The more you help your faction expand with raids, the more exciting it gets as you are rewarded with tons of awards.


MoxMC consistently has around 400 to 1000 players online at all times, allowing you to interact with others at all hours of the day. The number of users should tell you right away that this is one worth checking out. This server provides intense, ongoing raids that test your skills as a Minecraft player.

What’s unique about this server is that players are allowed to get instant potions, equipment, gear, and more by simply typing the command /kitpvp. Also, MoxMC includes an auctioning system, where you can list your items for sale, where other players can go ahead and buy them from you, and vice versa.


Skycade is mainly known for its factions traits, offering several game modes. Instead of a pay-to-win system, the developers have implemented a play-to-win system instead. Nothing in their shop will give you an advantage over other players, allowing this server to be one hundred percent fair across the board.

With events opening up daily, you can expect this faction server never to get old as you continuously tackle new tasks. On top of all this, there is an excellent economy due to the custom spawn drops you come across on the map.

Vortex PVP

Vortex PVP brings all the Minecraft action and launches the player to a map on the moon. This server is great for all experience levels, as all the PVP factions and base building take place in numerous locations in the world, each requiring a different level of skill.

For example, there is a PVP World where higher-level people can give it a go, while there is an Asteroid World where the pace is much slower and targets new people who want to relax. Lastly, this server also lets you take advantage of stack spawners, custom crates, infinite collectors, and crop mob drops, to name a few. Vortex PVP has it all and should not be disregarded.

Viper MC

A server for the more hardcore gamers, this is as intense as it gets in the Minecraft community. Players can find themselves constantly being destroyed and looking at the respawn screen repeatedly. Viper MC is meant for the elite players, where everything is over the top and fast pace. The creators have made it a requirement for you to be quick inside this server, adding to the difficulty as a whole.

Once you get the hang of it, it will be hard to leave, considering there are tons of custom kits and cool enchantments to be found here. If you are up for the challenge and looking to build your base, gather tons of money, and progress rapidly, check out Viper MC.

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Minecraft is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2022

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