Best MLB The Show 23 Sliders

Pitchers never bring full-sized sandwiches to the gathering, only sliders.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you seeking the best MLB The Show 23 sliders to achieve the most realistic experience possible? The good and bad thing about the MLB The Show franchise is that it is the best baseball simulation available. However, this means there are a ton of settings available for you to utilize, which can be overwhelming. These settings are available in the form of sliders, allowing you to set how often or effectively a particular part of the game is.

The Most Realistic MLB The Show 23 Sliders

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

MLB The Show sliders allow you to change aspects like gameplay, CPU behavior, fielding, and pitching. There are a ton of settings, so we have found the best settings to make MLB The Show 23 incredibly realistic. These settings will create an experience to what you would see in a real MLB game.

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Before we get into the sliders here are the best gameplay settings that will complement the recommended sliders.

  • Hitting Difficulty: All Star
  • Hitting Interface: Directional
  • Guess Pitch: Off
  • Baserunning: Auto
  • Pitching Difficulty: All Star
  • Pitching Interface: Classic
  • Pitch Confidence: On
  • API: Your Choice


  • Throwing Interface: Buttons
  • Throwing Meter: Off


  • Gameplay Style: Simulation
  • Fielding Aids: Off
  • Strike Zone: Off
  • Hot Zones: Off
  • Wind: On
  • Dynamic Difficulty Updates: Progress
  • Balks: Off
  • Umpire Accuracy: Your Choice

We will now discuss the sliders that will create a realistic experience regardless of what game mode you are playing in. To understand how to set each slider, you can treat each “tick” of the slider track as 1. You will start at the left side of the slider and tick it over to the number listed.

User Sliders

  • Contact: 5
  • Power: 5
  • Timing: 0
  • Foul Frequency: 5
  • Solid Hits: 3
  • SP Stamina w/ quick counts: 6
  • SP Stamina w/o quick counts: 7
  • RP Stamina: 5
  • Pitcher Control: 3
  • Pitcher Consistency: 2

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CPU Sliders

  • Contact: 8
  • Power: 5
  • Timing: 7
  • Foul Frequency: 5
  • Solid Hits: 3
  • Control: 5
  • Consistency: 5
  • Strike Frequency: 5
  • Starter Stamina w/ quick counts: 7
  • Starter Stamina w/o quick counts: 8
  • Reliever Stamina: 6
  • CPU Manager Hook: 5
  • CPU Pickoffs: 0
  • Pitch Speed: Your Choice

Fielding/Baserunning Sliders

  • Infield Errors: 5
  • Outfield Errors: 5
  • Throwing Errors Infield: 8
  • Throwing Errors Outfield: 0
  • Fielder Run Speed: 2
  • Fielder Reaction: 5
  • Arm Strength IF: 2
  • Arm Strength OF: 4
  • Baserunner Speed: 3
  • Steal Ability: 8
  • Steal Frequency: 4
  • Wind: See below
  • Game Played Injury Frequency: 10
  • Simulation Injury Frequency: 6
  • Simulated AA/AAA Injury Frequency: 0-2

- This article was updated on March 31st, 2023

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