Best Hitting Settings in MLB The Show 23

Why did the baseball player decide to shut down his website... because he wasn't getting any hits!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you wondering what the best hitting settings in MLB The Show 23 are so you can become a Silver Slugger? Hitting is one of baseball’s most challenging aspects in real life and, unfortunately, isn’t different in MLB The Show. However, you can choose settings that give you the most control over your player when he is in the batter’s box, making hitting extremely easy.

MLB The Show 23 Best Hitting Settings

You can access the below settings by going into the Gameplay settings menu. From there, you will want to choose Control on the left and Offense on the right. The below settings are meant to act as a guide and should be customized to fit your skill level and preferences.

Swing Input: Buttons

  • X: Normal Swing
  • Square: Power Swing
  • Circle: Contact Swing

Hitting Interface: Zone

  • The yellow dots represent the bat, so you want to square that up as much as possible for the best result. You can change the interface color and shape to fit your style. Those settings are discussed below in the PCI settings.

PCI Anchor: Preset

  • PCI Anchor Reset: Batter
  • PCI Anchor Dots: On

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Plate Coverage Indicator: On

  • PCI Center: Circles
  • PCI Inner: Basic
    • This allows you to pick a different shape then the dots
  • PCI Outer: Basic
    • This allows you to pick a different shape then the circles
  • PCI Color: Yellow
    • This controls the color of the Zone hitting interface.
  • PCI Transparency: 70%
    • This makes the Zone hitting interface less distracting since it isn’t solid and doesn’t block essential aspects of the game.
  • PCI Fadeout: None

After you make these changes, it is recommended that you go into practice mode and test your new settings against the various difficulties. By slowly increasing your difficulty you will be exposed to changes in the speed and location of the pitches thrown by the CPU.

- This article was updated on March 29th, 2023

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