How to Change your Batting Stance in MLB The Show 23

Step up to plate with a never-before-seen stance!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

MLB The Show 23 allows players to customize their character in many ways. This includes how they’ll act while at bat, giving the character a wide variety of stances to choose from. However, changing this feature might not seem so simple at first. There are many options players can choose from to change their batting stance in MLB The Show 23.

Where Players can Change Their Batting Stance in MLB The Show 23

The ability to change batting stance can be found when creating or editing your character. Rather than being under Equipment Style or Looks, batting stances are found in the Batting Stance Creator through the Motions & Sounds option. When editing your character, you can find this option under Appearance. This is similar to how it worked in The Show 22, leading to a way to choose and customize your preferred stance.

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The Batting Stance Creator allows players to choose from a variety of options. On top of predetermined stances taken from real players, it’s also possible to tweak settings related to the animation itself. The settings are:

  • Hand Offset
  • Hand Rotation
  • Hand Waggle Rotation
  • Back Elbow Offset
  • Front Elbow Offset
  • Hips Offset
  • Forward Foot Offset

Each of these options will change how your character appears while getting ready to bat. The hand and elbow settings will change how they hold the bat while the hips and foot settings will alter their actual stance. It might not lead to the most effective way to take on every pitch, but it will certainly lead to more style than you’ve ever seen before. With enough practice and skill, even the most ridiculous batting stances can lead to a victory, so don’t be afraid to make something truly unique!

- This article was updated on March 29th, 2023

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