Best Motivity Weapons in Lies of P

Check out the best Motivity weapons in Lies of P!

by Christian Bognar
Best Motivity Weapons in Lies of P
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Motivity in Lies of P is essentially strength in other Souls games, meaning it is a build that focuses on creating the most damage output possible. There are around 40 weapons in the game, with some rising above the others. This guide explores the best Motivity weapons in Lies of P that can get you through the mid and end-game.

What Are the Best Motivity Weapons in Lies of P?

While there are a ton of Motivity weapons that are considered good, there are three standout names that are simply the best. They are the best due to their damage output, incredible Fable Arts abilities, and ease of use. Here are the best Motivity weapons in Lies of P.

Big Pipe Wrench

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The Big Pipe Wrench is one of the strongest Motivity weapons in Lies of P. It can also be found relatively early in your playthrough, in chapter 3, near the Center of Venigni Works.

The two Fable Arts attached to this bad boy make it incredibly powerful, whereas Patient Smash allows the player to hold down the button for a charge-up attack that can instantly leave enemies in a stagger and groggy state. Meanwhile, its handle Fable Art, Payback Swing, is a strong forward slash that deals significant damage after guarding an attack.

The Big Pipe Wrench begins with a B in Motivity Scaling but can easily be turned into an A Scaling using a Motivity Crank. The attacks are slow, but the amount of damage it can produce makes up for the lack of speed.

Frozen Feast

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The Frozen Feast is a weapon designed for the end game of Lies of P. Starting with a B in scaling for Motivity, the base damage is the highest in the game, with a guard reduction rate to match.

Despite the incredible damage output, the Fable Arts make this boss weapon a fan favorite for a strength build. Liberate increases attack speed temporarily, making this slow-swinging sword much faster. Then there’s Single Slash, a significant forward slash that uses all the character’s strength. This usually results in an instant stagger.

The only downfall of this weapon is that players can only obtain it in chapter 8. That is okay, though, considering this is when the game starts to ramp up difficulty.

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Holy Sword of the Ark

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The Holy Sword of the Ark is my favorite due to its ease of use. This fantastic Motivity weapon starts with a B in scaling and quicker speed than most of the Motivity weapon options in the game.

The Fable Arts make this weapon even better, where Patient Smash is a charge-up attack that, when held, can be increased by 3x for maximum damage. Then, the best part of this weapon, Alter, increases the length of the handle, allowing for longer-ranged swings. This is a great way to keep your distance from bosses and enemies, making it one of the most accessible Motivity weapons.

The Holy Sword of the Ark can be found by trading the King’s Flame Ergo to Alidoro early in the game. If you are a Motivity build, this could be the weapon that will bring you through the entirety of the game and not have to look at any other options.

Coil Mjolnir

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Coil Mjolnir is a unique Motivity Weapon with electricity attached, playing on the idea that it’s Thor’s weapon. This B Motivity scaling piece may not be for everyone, considering it is one of the slowest-moving weapons in the game. That said, when you land a hit on an enemy with the Coil Mjolnir, you can obliterate them.

The Fable Arts are great here, too, Thunderstrike and Absolute Defense. Thunderstrike is an ability that slams the weapon down into the ground and creates a lightning strike afterward. This doubles the amount of damage it produces while applying electric blitz damage. On the other hand, Absolute Defense will perfectly block any move, which can be incredibly helpful against the game bosses.

You can get this weapon in chapter 9 in Krat Central Station if you want to add it to your arsenal.

- This article was updated on September 21st, 2023

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