Best Mounts for Mobility and Attack in Ark: Survival Ascended

Here are the best mounts in Ark Survival Ascended that help greatly with attack and mobility.

by Christian Bognar
Ark Survival Ascended Best Mounts for Attack and Mobility
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Having a mount that is great at getting you across the extensive terrain of the game world is essential in Ark. This guide will cover the best mounts for mobility and attack in Ark: Survival Ascended.

What Are the Best Mounts for Mobility and Attack in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Further down you will find the best mounts in Ark: Survival Ascended that offer great speed, traversing skills, and other benefits that make them stand out compared to others in the game. These are in no particular order.


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The Baryonyx is a jack-of-all-trades mount that is helpful on land and swimming. Three factors make the Baryonyx stand out: low torpor drop rate, ability to stun dinos while swimming, and incredibly fast movement speed on land and water. It also helps that this dinosaur has a deadly tailspin attack. Combine all of these factors, and you have yourself a mount that can do it all.

The Baryonyx has been a fan favorite, especially among newcomers to the game, as it is one of the best beginner-friendly mounts available. Easy to use and very useful all around.


Image: Studio Wildcard / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

The Thylacoleo makes slaying Alpha Creatures a cakewalk, which is why they are considered one of the best mounts. Having the capability to get rid of Alpha Creatures quickly leads to farming Raw Prime Meat, collecting trophies, or even leveling Chibi-Pets.

Outside of that, the Thylacoleo is diverse in many other situations. For example, the Thylacoleo is the only bleeder who can avoid the Titanosaur’s knockback attack and even bleed out a Giga if used correctly. Even though the Thylacoleo is challenging to use and get the hang of, a veteran rider will love everything it offers as a main mount.

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Dire Bear

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The Dire Bear is one of the best land mounts for attack. With high damage and speed, the Dire Bears can cover a large area quickly, allowing for an large area of attack. Better yet, these ferocious beasts can use their main attack while running at full speeds, making it easy to catch up to prey and take them down in one fell swoop.

Outside of combat purposes, the Dire Bear is a very good gatherer of fiber and collecting meat. It can also help with gathering berries, hide, and chitin. The Dire Bear is a mount you do not want to overlook.

Terror Bird

Image: Studio Wildcard / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

The Terror Bird isn’t the strongest mount mentioned in this guide, but it’s still a worthy candidate due to its traverse capabilities. If you usually travel around mountains, the Terror Bird is your go-to mount; It can use its gliding ability to get you over chasms quickly and exit mountains in an instant. Not only that, players can use this ability with zero worry of fall damage. The traversing skills of a Terror Bird are excellent for a sniper who plays PvP.

Since the Terror Bird has sharp beaks, they can harvest prime meat from the larger predators more quickly than other mounts. Prime Meat is one of the best foods to have for taming purposes, so to have a mount that can help you farm it is crucial.

- This article was updated on October 31st, 2023

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