Best Mounts in New World You Need to Unlock Right Now

Horses, wolves, lions, oh my!

by Noah Nelson
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New World is brimming with cool mounts to collect, whether they be horses, wolves, or lions. These are the three mount types so far and they all play the exact same and only offer aesthetic differences. That said, here are the best mounts so far in New World.

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Best Mounts in New World

You can unlock mounts in New World by either purchasing the unlock with real money or completing the lengthy but fairly easy quests to get the horse, wolf, and lion. Either way, you’ll need to be level 25, have the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, and have access to the horse, wolf, and lion to get the best mounts in New World.

And when I say best mounts in New World, I strictly mean which ones look the coolest. There are no advantages or disadvantages to different mounts and mount skins in New World. It’s all cosmetic, so the best is subjective. That said, I’m gonna point out what mounts I think are cool.

The cool thing about mounts in New World is that there are basic skins that change the base model and armor of your mount. But there are also two cosmetic slots that you can use to place cool stuff on your horse like trophies and baskets. When used in tandem, you can create some really cool-looking mounts.

Best Horse in New World

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

For horses, I’d have to say Solomon is the coolest because it’s fully armored and has a nice black aesthetic. If you want a more natural look, Snow is a beautiful white horse and Spectrum is a rare red horse — both are really great.

Best Wolf in New World

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

I think wolves are the best mounts in New World just because I think they look the coolest. Wolfgang is a great wolf skin that looks like a husky. If you want a fully armored look Amani is the way to go, but I prefer Ira because of the beautiful blue cloth underneath the less flashy armor.

Best Lion in New World

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Lions are also ridiculously cool — all the mounts in New World are amazing. There’s a lot of great options here, and you should always pick whichever one you think looks the best, but I think the best lion in New World is Beatrix because it’s simple but still armored in a way that looks excellent.

If you want something more regal, Evania is an amazing choice. I also love the albino lion Albus and the all-black option Kumba.

The sad part about all of these amazing mounts in New World is that, after unlocking the free one that isn’t the coolest, you’ll need to spend real-world money to unlock the best mounts. You can unlock a few more mount options via in-game currency which is a good thing because those ones can be very cool.

- This article was updated on October 4th, 2023

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