Best Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections Teams Ranked

Some of the best Teamups you can make In Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections

by Guillermo Rosario
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In The latest installment of the Ultimate Ninja series, you can choose a team of ninjas that have a special connection to each other from the series, giving you a chance to perform a dynamic combination technique.

These are the top ten best character team-up attacks in Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections.

10. The Ino-Shika-Cho Teamup Synergy

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A team-up that is practically generational in Konoha. Asuma’s team of genin grew up to be one of the most coordinated and supportive teams in the history of the show. Ultimate Ninja Storm gives them a special attack that showcases this teamwork by having them all utilize their special bloodline techniques in Synergy for a devastating attack called the Human Bullet Yo-Yo.

9. Sasuke and Itachi Together in Battle

Image: Naruto X Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections

The two brothers come together here in this team-up battle! Together they unleash the full strength of their Sharingan, summoning their equivalents of the full-body Susanoo technique to decimate their foes in their combination attack. their jutsu attacks also chain very well with each other and the right combination of attacks gives Sasuke and Itachi a good flow of combos.

8. Killer Bee and His Brother

Image: Bandai Namco

Killer Bee and his Raikage brother Make for a vicious pair of brawling fighters. Pitted together their synergy allows Killer Bee to stack combos alongside the Raikage and their attack together is the Liger Two Platoon bomb, a viscous attack that is pretty similar in execution to Rock Lee’s Lotus. Killer Bee will also wield his power as a Jinchuuriki in unison with his brother’s electrical techniques to bring down sly enemies who get too confident.

7. Naruto and Boruto, Father and Son

Image: Bandai Namco

Naruto and Boruto’s dynamic in battle works very well, from the techniques that they use to use shadow clones to create perpetual combos in battle. Boruto funny enough can team up with every other version of Naruto from the series, whether from Part 1, Shippuden, or even in his own series.

Their combination techniques are also extremely well choreographed with a fine finisher. Naruto and Boruto could even combo well together with Sasuke and Hinata in 3 team battles.

6. The Hyuga Family

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Hinata and Neji make a good team using the versatile gentle fist techniques in battle in most early versions of the game. By the time we get to Ultimate Ninja Storm Hanabi is added to the fray, making the three main byakugan wielders a formidable powerhouse to play with in the game.

Their ultimate technique even includes the patriarch of the family, Hiashi Hyuga, performing the eight trigrams alongside his daughters and nephew for a swift victory.

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5. Kakashi, Obito and Minato Namikaze

Image: Bandai Namco

Kakashi, Obito and their sensei Minato Namikaze have the sleekest move set and combination attacks in the game. While not as flashy as many of Naruto’s nine tail attacks, This trio’s offensive strikes can be best described as a swift and powerful lightning strike that flashes just as quickly.

Coordinating their jutsus with combo attacks can virtually change the tide of any battle even without the combination technique in play.

4. The First Three Hokage

Image: Naruto X Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections

The first three Hokage have a formidable combination of attacks that combine the abilities of fire, water, and wood and create a maelstrom of devastation. This same destructive power is also the benevolent force that’ll give birth to the Hidden Leaf Village and carry the will of Fire to the many leaders of Konoha later on.

3. Classic Team 7

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Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno form a traditional team up beat down one of their opponents, showcasing their best abilities from Naruto’s clones, Sasuke’s Sharingan, and Sakura’s inner thoughts manifest as a fearsome attack. This brings a lot of nostalgia for those of us who watched these characters grow from the beginning of the story.

2. The Legendary Sannin Together Again

Images: Bandai Namco

Tsunade, Jiraya, and Orochimaru combine their jutsu abilities to trap their opponents as they take turns delivering damaging attacks showcasing their unique skills. When Tsunade traps their opponent with a punch to the ground, Orochimaru summons the three Rashomon gates and joins Jiraya in a fire-wind combination attack while Tsunade finishes them off with a grand punch.

As the trio of ninjas that predated the dynamic of Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke, these three legendary ninjas display an impressive mix of Tsunade’s immense strength, Jiraya’s inventive techniques, and Orochimaru’s cunning strategies.

1. Naruto and Sasuke’s Powers Combined

Image: Naruto X Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections

The two rivals have many special skills and attacks shared, but none are as impressive as their ultimate technique together when Naruto combines his Nine Tails true form with Sasuke’s Susanoo form to perform a devastating sword slash of purple flame. This showcases the complete power of Konoha’s most powerful ninja heroes.

- This article was updated on November 22nd, 2023

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