Best Necromancer Leveling Build in Diablo 4

Why do necromancers make such good friends... Because they're great at raising people's spirits.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you looking for the best Necromancer leveling build in Diablo 4 so you can reach the max level fast? During the Diablo 4 Server Slam, even you can reach a max level of 20 while completing Act 1. The build we have chosen is based on lots of testing through the various beta events, and it will allow you to reach the max level in under two hours, meaning you still have time to do so before the Diablo 4 Server Slam event ends.

Best Diablo 4 Necromancer Leveling Build

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

This build works well when leveling, providing excellent crowd control, damage, self-healing, and resource sustain. You’ll gain health through Blood Surge and Enhanced Blood Surge. You’ll also gain Essence by consuming a corpse using Grim Harvest.

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Here are the best necromancer leveling build skills to pick until you reach max level:

  • Level 2: Hemorrhage
  • Level 3: Enhanced Hemorrhage
  • Level 4: Blood Surge
  • Level 5: Enhanced BS
  • Level 6: Paranormal BS
  • Level 7: Acolytes Hemorrhage
  • Level 8: Corpse Explosion
  • Level 9: Enhanced CE
  • Level 10: Blood Surge
  • Level 11: Blood Surge
  • Level 12: Blood Surge
  • Level 13: Decrepify
  • Level 14: Plagued CE
  • Level 15: Grim Harvest
  • Level 16: Fueled by Death
  • Level 17: Blood Surge
  • Level 18: Corpse Tendrils
  • Level 19: Enhanced CT
  • Level 20: Plagued CT
  • Level 21: Corpse Explosion
  • Level 22: Corpse Explosion

For summons, you’ll want to use the following:

  • Skeletal Warriors: You want to use Reapers and use Upgrade 2, which gives them a 15% chance to create a corpse from an enemy.
  • Skeletal Mages: You want to use Cold Skeletal Mages as their chilling effect provides extra crowd control, which means more damage. You’ll also want to use Upgrade 1, which provides you with two Essence every time one of your Cold Skeletal Mages uses a primary attack.
  • Golems: You want to use the Bone Golem with Upgrade 1. This means that every time it takes up to 20% of its Maximum Life as damage, it creates a corpse.

How to Beat Ashava with Necromancer in Diablo 4

After reaching the max level, you can focus on a Necromancer build better suited to defeat Ashava. Our experimentation found that builds that use Bone Spear, Sever, or Blood Lance are the most effective.

For instance, a Bone Spear build will allow you to bring your minions to the fight while giving you the tools to keep them and yourself alive through Decompose and Blood Mist. In addition, your Bone Spear will apply Vulnerable through the use of Super Natural Bone Spear, making it easier to defeat Ashava.

The Sever build will make you a bit tankier if that is the play style you are looking for. This build uses the Reap and Sever skills to provide built-in Damage Reduction. It also produces corpses, so you aren’t reliant on skills like Decompose, which can be dangerous.

Blood Lance got buffed so that you can sit there and spam Blood Lance until the fight ends, making Ashava easy to beat. With the Supernatural Blood Lance spell, you will gain stackable Attack Speed and reduce the Essence cost of Blood Lance with every attack.

- This article was updated on May 13th, 2023

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