Best OS Tuning Options in Armored Core 6 (AC6)

Here are the best OS options in Armored Core 6.

by Christian Bognar
Armored Core 6 OST Upgrades
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Building a solid mech in Armored Core 6 can take time. You must focus on OS Tuning in the Garage to improve your chances against any encounter you may face in the game. OS upgrades require OST Chips, a reasonably scarce item, meaning you must spend them wisely. This guide will cover the best OS options in Armored Core 6 so you know where to allocate your chips.

What Are the Best OS Tuning Upgrades in Armored Core 6

There are many OS options to choose from in the Garage, so we have the best listed for you in this guide. In no particular order, here are the best OS options in Armored Core 6.

ACS – Dynamic Deflection Control (Damage Control)

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Considering Armored Core 6 is such a challenging game, you will constantly be taking a ton of damage. To help your survivability, there is a way to mitigate damage so you can last longer in the fight. The ACS – Dynamic Deflection Control Tuning mitigates the amount of damage you take from all sources. That’s right, all sources. This means you’ll have a better chance against regular enemies, the arena, and challenging bosses. Every time you invest chips into this OS, the damage mitigation of your mech will increase by 3%.

  • Install – 2 OST Chips
  • Update 1 – 4 OST Chips
  • Update 2 – 6 OST Chips
  • Update 3 – 8 OST Chips
  • Update 4 – 10 OST Chips

Repair Kits – Optimization (Damage Control)

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Speaking of increasing your survivability, the Repair Kits – Optimization OS upgrade will help tremendously. This OS does exactly what the name implies and increases the health you recover using Repair Kits. Considering you can only bring three repair kits on each mission, improving their potency can go a long way. Each upgrade will increase the amount of health you recover from kits by 500. 

  • Install – 3 OST Chips
  • Update 1 – 5 OST Chips
  • Update 2 – 7 OST Chips
  • Update 3 – 10 OST Chips

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Explosive Weapons – Fuse Control (Attack Control)

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Your launchers and explosives on the back of your mech will be your primary source of damage against bosses and turrets found on missions. The Explosive Weapons-Fuse Control Tuning OS will increase the damage output for Explosive weapons, allowing you to kill any enemy much faster than before. High explosive damage can significantly help in the more difficult fights, especially when you stagger your opponent. Each time you upgrade this OS, the damage your explosives cause will increase by 3%.

  • Install – 2 OST Chips
  • Update 1 – 3 OST Chips
  • Update 2 – 4 OST Chips
  • Update 3 – 5 OST Chips
  • Update 4 – 6 OST Chips

Pulse Armor (Core Expansions)

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The Pulse Armor will be your best friend, especially in bullet-hell fights like Balteus. The Pulse Armor OS will activate a shield around your mech, completely blocking you from all incoming fire from enemies. This is a great tool to have and can get you out of a pickle when you have run out of repair kits. Each time you upgrade the Pulse Armor OS, you will get an additional charge, allowing you to use it more frequently.

  • Install – 3 OST Chips
  • Update 1 – 5 OST Chips

Boost Kick (System Unlocks)

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Boost Kick is a great OS to unlock and only costs 1 Chip to install. The Boost Kick is another attack move for your mech, where you can lunge forward and kick during an Assault Boost. It doesn’t deal the highest amount of damage, but it does help with filling up the Stagger bar. Remembering to utilize the Boost Kick will have you Staggering certain bosses and enemies much quicker. The Boost Kick is a one-time unlock, meaning you can’t upgrade it further.

  • Install – 1 OST Chip

There you have it, the best OS upgrades in Armored Core 6. Make sure to play against mechs in Arena Mode, as this will reward you with OST chips so you can purchase these upgrades. Remember that you need to further progress in the main story to unlock more matches in Arena Mode.

- This article was updated on August 25th, 2023

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