10 Best Rust Servers to Play On

Here are the best Rust servers to play on!

by Christian Bognar
Image: Facepunch Studios

Rust is a multiplayer survival game that puts players against a dangerous world in a post-apocalyptic setting. While the base game offers a pleasant experience, joining a highly-rated server can elevate the gameplay. In this article, we will go over the top 10 Rust servers that provide exciting gameplay experiences for players.

The Best Rust Servers Ranked

If you are looking for a Rust server that will cater to your playstyle — you have come to the right place. We will review the ten best Rust servers available to the public, each offering a dedicated community and consistent maintenance that makes returning to it worthwhile. Each server mentioned in this guide has a unique gaming experience that keeps the survival game fresh. Here are the ten best Rust servers.

Facepunch Small

Image: Facepunch Studios

The Rust Facepunch Small server is a popular server that makes the game more contained. As the name suggests, it caters to a smaller player base, limiting team sizes to solo, duo, or trio. This server provides a fast-paced Rust experience for smaller groups, focusing on strategic gameplay and cooperation. With active administrators, the Rust Facepunch Small server ensures a fair environment for players seeking challenging and engaging gameplay in a more compact setting.

CombatTag’s PVP

Image: Facepunch Studios

CombatTag’s PVP Server for Rust is a well-known server in the Rust community, catering specifically to players looking for intense PVP gameplay. This server provides a community controlled environment where players can practice their combat skills, test new strategies, and engage in thrilling battles against other players.

With various arenas and training grounds, CombatTag’s PVP Server offers a platform for players to master their aim, improve teamwork, and strengthen their tactical abilities — making it a popular choice for those seeking to become the best in the PVP field. Better yet — all players get fully decked out in the gear they need right at the start when joining, such as weapons, ammo, and med kits.


Image: Facepunch Studios

Rustoria Server for Rust is a highly regarded server within the Rust community. Known for its competitive and high-population environment (around 500 players), Rustoria offers constant PvP encounters, base raids, and the typical survival experience — with an increase in difficulty.

Rustoria is a top choice for players seeking a hardcore and competitive Rust server to test their skills and engage in thrilling battles against other dedicated players. Just be aware — considering so many players are involved in this server, there will be a high demand for strategic planning to survive the day.


Image: Facepunch Studios

Rusticated server for Rust is a popular choice among die-hard game fans. There are around 450 players allowed on the server at a time; meaning combat will always be going on around you. The map is also relatively small compared to other servers on this list, meaning you’ll always need to be on your toes for enemy encounters. The strong focus on clans makes this one stand out — allowing you to squad up with others and claim territory over parts of the land. Rusticated is a reliable server providing a challenging time for beginners but a thrilling experience for veteran players to thrive and enjoy.

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Rust Empires

Image: Facepunch Studios

Rust Empires server for Rust is a unique server that brings a strategic twist to the game — building large empires. Players can lead the empires they have built from the ground up, engage in trade, and wage wars against other empires that other players have made. With a dedicated community, Rust Empires offers a dynamic and ever-evolving gameplay experience.

This server includes a civilization building approach, appealing to players seeking more of a “role-playing” gameplay type. If you’re looking for a server that brings the most creativity out of you and demands more building in this survival game — Rust Empires is a top choice.

Salty Zombies

Image: Facepunch Studios

Salty Zombies Rust Server is a thrilling and distinct server within the Rust community that adds some horror to the mix. It combines the intense survival gameplay of Rust with the challenge of facing off against hordes of aggressive zombies. This server focuses on PvE instead of PVP, creating an experience for players that allow them to play at their own pace.

Salty Zombies provides a horror take on the traditional Rust gameplay with active admins, regular updates, and a dedicated player base. This server is one I genuinely want to dive deeper into mainly because it reminds me of the “Zombies” mode from the Call of Duty Series.


Image: Facepunch Studios

Altopia server for Rust is a well-regarded server choice for Rust players. With a focus on providing an experience that requires cooperation between teammates — it is the perfect server to play on with friends. The greatest feature of Altopia is that it is an ideal mix between PVP and PVE, where you won’t get overwhelmed with either category.

The admins also clarify that this server is strictly for fun, meaning that you shouldn’t expect a hardcore experience but a more relaxing one. Altopia is also specifically great for beginners, as they will be provided with a starter kit of items right when they enter! There’s no better server to play on with friends than this one.

Rust Academy

Image: Facepunch Studios

Rust Academy Server for Rust is a popular server known for its emphasis on helping players learn and improve their skills in the game. With a focus on education and guidance, Rust Academy offers resources, tutorials, and a supportive community for players of all levels.

This server provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for beginners and experienced players, making it an excellent choice for those looking to strictly learn the ins and out of Rust. If you want to become the best Rust player, get ready to learn everything you need to know by playing the Rust Academy Server.

Rusty Moose

Image: Facepunch Studios

Rusty Moose server for Rust is a highly acclaimed server that caters to players seeking a competitive and challenging Rust experience. With a large and skilled player base, this server provides intense PvP encounters, base raids, and a high-population environment.

Rusty Moose offers active administrators, regular wipes, and a strong focus on fair play. It is a go-to choice for players looking for a hardcore and competitive Rust server with a dedicated community that has been playing the game for a long time. I recommend practicing on the Rust Academy server and preparing for the challenging experience that Rusty Moose provides.


Image: Facepunch Studios

The Stevious server for Rust is a widely respected and popular server choice among Rust players — primarily highly skilled ones. Known for its extensive focus on raids and PVP encounters, there is no shortage of action. This server is also known to provide one of the most stable and smooth gameplay experiences, creating something all players can consistently rely on.

Not only that, but Stevious includes a responsive support team that will always be there if you have any problems or questions that need to be handled. If you’re seeking a reliable and well-rounded Rust server with some of the best raids and intense PVP action, Stevious is a top recommendation.

Joining the correct Rust server can significantly enhance your survival experience in the game. The top 10 servers mentioned above cater to various play styles, whether you prefer competitive PvP battles, role-playing scenarios, cooperative gameplay, or a more relaxed pace. From Official Servers to community-run servers, these choices provide a diverse range of gameplay experiences that will keep you engaged, challenged, and entertained as you navigate the brutal world of Rust.

- This article was updated on July 6th, 2023

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