Best Skills to Unlock First in Enshrouded

Here are the best skills to unlock first in Enshrouded.

by Christian Bognar
Image of the Skill Tree in Enshrouded
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Enshrouded’s skill tree is massive, leading to a challenge in deciding what to unlock first. Not all skills are created equal in this open-world survival game, and since skill points are hard to come by, you need to invest them wisely.

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This guide aims to help you as it will include our suggestions on which skills are worth it in the early game. Read further to learn about the best skills to unlock first in Enshrouded.

What Skills Should You Unlock First in Enshrouded?

Out of all the available options on the Skill Tree that you can reach early in the game, a handful stand out among the others. Below are our five picks of the best early-game skills, giving you an advantage against the cruel world of Enshrouded.

Merciless Attack

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Merciless Attack is a skill that can make a huge difference in combat, especially if you have mastered parrying and you play aggressively. As you parry attacks or attack an enemy while they are blocking, you will fill their stun bar, leading them to become overpowered. Merciless Attack allows you to simply press one button when an enemy is overpowered, dealing a devastating blow and draining a health pool instantly.

Cost: 2 Skill Points

Double Jump

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Double Jump is like it sounds — it allows you to double jump. Considering exploration is a core part of Enshrouded, having the ability to double jump can make traversing rocks and high-to-reach places much more manageable. You can find this skill under the Survivor section of the Skill Tree, which requires four skill points to unlock, but you should acquire it as soon as possible.

Cost: 4 Skill Points


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The dodge in Enshrouded isn’t the worst, but it can be much better and more efficient. You can improve your dodge by unlocking the Blink skill, which transforms your dodge into teleportation. Once you start using Blink instead of the standard dodge, you’ll find it much easier to avoid getting hit by enemies, and your combat skills will improve tenfold.

Cost: 4 Skill Points

Well Rested

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Stamina is everything in Enshrouded, and the Well Rested skill ensures you don’t run out of it as quickly. Well Rested will increase the base duration of the Rested Buff by 5 minutes, meaning you get the benefits of resting for more extended periods. You can even increase the amount of minutes if you improve the Comfort in your home. This means your stamina maximum and regeneration will remain boosted for longer, which is especially helpful in exploration and combat.

Cost: 1 Skill Point

Shiny Plates

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I bet Shiny Plates will be a fan favorite in Enshrouded. Applying the Shiny Plates skill will grant you 10% more armor points for all the armor you are wearing, which can increase your defense and reduce incoming damage an incredible amount. 10% is a huge bonus, especially if the armor you are wearing already has a high number. Some enemies in the game are brutal, so increasing your overall armor can make a significant difference in your survival.

Cost: 2 Skill Points

Best Attributes to Level Up First

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Outside of skills, you will have the opportunity to invest points into Attribute. Attributes are just as important as skills, as they will increase your base stats, making you a stronger and quicker fighter overall. There are three that you should focus on early in the game, and we have them listed for you below.

  • Constitution: Increases Health by 50 per Attribute Point.
  • Endurance: Increases Stamina by 10 per Attribute Point
  • Strength: Increases Melee damage by 5% per Attribute Point.

Health, Stamina, and Strength are the three most important stats when starting in Enshrouded, so you should focus on upgrading them first. If you want to use magic instead of melee weapons, switch out Strength for Intelligence. Also, remember that if you become unsatisfied with your Enshrouded build, the game has a respec feature!

- This article was updated on January 24th, 2024

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