Best Skills to Unlock First in Ghostrunner 2

Here are the best skills to unlock first in Ghostrunner 2.

by Christian Bognar
What Skills to Unlock First in Ghostrunner 2
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As you progress in Ghostrunner 2, you’ll gain access to a whole skill tree that can improve how well your character performs. There are many to choose from in the game, making it difficult to know where to spend your points.

Don’t worry. We got you covered, as this guide will cover the best skills to unlock first in Ghostrunner 2.

Which Skills Should You Unlock First in Ghostrunner 2?

A handful of skills will benefit you more than others at the beginning of Ghostrunner 2. The ones we have mentioned in this guide will provide a solid starting point, allowing you to notice enemies, dodge them more quickly, and deal with combat scenarios more efficiently. The three skills to unlock first are Smart Deflect, Tactical Overlay, and Artificial Senses.

Here is an overview of what each ability does in-game.

  • Smart Deflect (Sword): Deflected Projectiles return to where they came from.
  • Tactical Overlay (System): Enemies are outlined in red.
  • Artificial Senses (Traversal): Sensory Boost costs 25% less stamina.

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Smart Deflect

Smart Deflect is an ability that will be your best friend throughout the story of Ghostrunner 2. It’s wise to unlock it immediately when it becomes available, as it will allow you to block enemies’ bullets while also killing them. Using this ability and timing the button press at the right time can get you out of challenging enemy encounters, where you can kill enemies from a great distance.

Tactical Overlay

Tactical Overlay is an excellent ability early on as it will highlight all the enemies in proximity, making them appear in red. Sometimes, it can be challenging to notice enemies, especially since a lot wear the same color as the background, so to have them highlighted makes a considerable difference. My death count would have been much higher if it wasn’t for Tactical Overlay.

Artificial Senses

Lastly, we have Artificial Senses, essentially dodging in Ghostrunner 2. Having your Sensory Boost cost 25% less stamina can help you avoid enemy attacks more and traverse the games’ many platforms. This will allow you to jump, slow down time, and dodge more frequently, resulting in staying alive longer and planning your next move while dodging.

Late Game Abilities

As you progress into the game, your next focus should be improving your Ultimate abilities and Shuriken. The Shuriken was one of my main ways to kill enemies, and I can only assume it will be the same for you. Meanwhile, your Ultimate abilities will be a life savior and help tremendously in getting out of combat encounters that are giving you trouble. Other than that, feel free to invest points into whatever you believe to be the best fit for your playstyle.

- This article was updated on October 24th, 2023

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