Ghostrunner 2: All Ultimate Abilities, Ranked

Which Ultimate ability is best in Ghostrunner 2?

by Christian Bognar
Ranking Ultimate Abilities Ghostrunner 2
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Ghostrunner 2 brings players new Ultimate abilities, incredibly strong moves that can get you out of tricky combat encounters. This guide will rank all Ultimate abilities in Ghostrunner 2 so you know which ones to keep equipped.

Which Ultimate Ability is Best in Ghostrunner 2?

Let’s get one thing straight: all Ultimate abilities are helpful in certain situations. That said, numbers 1 and 2 can help you get through the entire game and prevent you from constantly seeing the “critical error” screen. Here are all the Ultimate abilities in Ghostrunner 2, ranked.

5. Blink

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Blink is an Ultimate ability that allows you to dash toward two enemies, killing them instantly. Using Blink can make enemy encounters quicker than without, but it’s not as good as the other options mentioned in this guide. Considering you’re constantly moving fast in Ghostrunner 2 and already have Shurikens that can take enemies out from afar, it’s not as helpful as it sounds.

4. Motoric Overheat

Motoric Overheat is a good Ultimate ability in theory, where it allows you to move and jump faster and higher. But it’s not as useful as you’d think since your character already has excellent mobility from the start. Motoric Overheat can help you run away and get kills more quickly in a crowded enemy encounter, but it’s not the best Ultimate ability to use throughout the entire game.

3. Sensory Overdrive

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Sensory Overdrive is the same as using your slow-down dodge mechanic, except it’s easier to use and can last longer. This Ultimate ability enables bullet-time, slowing down everything besides you and allowing you to think about your next move while easily dodging bullets and enemies. Leveling Sensory Overdrive to levels 2 and 3 will increase the length it stays active and grant you the option to gap-jam yourself towards an enemy, respectively.

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2. Overlord

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Overlord is one of the best Ultimate abilities in Ghostrunner 2 since it allows you to bring teammates on your missions. To put it briefly, Overlord will enable you to target and mind-hack a selected enemy who proceeds to fight on your side. I found having this as an option extremely helpful, especially when using it on the more challenging enemies, where they then go and demolish the rest of my opponents for me.

1. Flux

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Flux is the best Ultimate ability Ghostrunner 2. This ability will create a deadly laser stream that cuts through anything in your path. In other words, this can kill any enemy during a combat encounter if you manage to drag the laser across everyone. Leveling up Flux will allow you to use the ability for extended periods, making it easier to take everyone out. The only downfall of Flux is that it has an incredibly long cooldown time.

As you play through the game’s missions, make sure to level these Ultimate Abilities at the main hub. Usually, upgrades allow you to use them for longer, quicker cooldown times, targeting more enemies, etc.

- This article was updated on October 24th, 2023

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