3 Best Sniper Rifle Builds in Remnant 2

Here are the best sniper rifle builds in Remnant 2!

by Christian Bognar
Best Sniper Rifle Builds in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 offers many options to create builds through the dual archetype feature and the long list of guns. Creating a solid sniper build can be challenging, as a lot goes into it — no worries, this guide covers how to make the best sniper rifle builds in Remnant 2.

What Are the Best Sniper Builds in Remnant 2?

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Considering only a handful of guns can be regarded as “snipers” in Remnant 2, we have made a build for the best three snipers, so you can pick which seems best for you. Here are the best sniper builds in Remnant 2.

Best Archetypes for a Sniper Build in Remnant 2

First, we need to get Archetypes out of the way. If you plan on creating a deadly sniper build, the two best archetypes are the Hunter and Handler, with the Hunter as the primary and the Handler as the secondary.

The Hunter and the Handler are the best for the following sniper builds because the Hunter’s abilities focus on dealing significant damage from great range. Meanwhile, the Handler has a dog that can distract enemies as you shoot them down while also healing you to help with survivability.

Here are the recommended skills for the Hunter and Handler archetypes to make an excellent sniper build:

  • Hunter’s Shroud (Hunter): Hunter becomes Shrouded, reducing enemy awareness and making them harder to hit while moving.
  • Support Dog (Handler): Companion will follow the Handler and continuously heal allies within 3.5m for 0.25% of Max Health per second.

Remember, other skills work well for a sniper build, but these are our recommendations that seem to provide the most benefits.

Best Widowmaker Sniper Build in Remnant 2

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Fans have deemed the Widowmaker one of the best guns in Remnant 2 due to its high damage and attached scope. It is a single-shot Sniper Rifle with 125 base damage and includes a 3x scope that can be toggled on or off, depending on preference. Making the Widowmaker work to its full potential boils down to equipping a mutator that works to its strengths, as well as a great melee weapon and secondary gun.


To start, the mutator you want to use with the best Widowmaker sniper build is the Slayer mutator. Attaching this mutator to the Widowmaker will increase the damage of the first shot after every reload. Considering the Widowmaker only has one bullet in each clip, the Slayer mutator will permanently increase the damage of every single shot.

Melee Weapon

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Next, the melee weapon that works best with the Widowmaker is the Stonebreaker. Not only is the Stonebreaker very deadly by default, but it can be upgraded to become the best melee weapon in the game. Additionally, it comes with a built-in weapon mod called “Faultline,” which shoots off a shockwave, hitting every enemy in front of you. This can be useful when you feel overwhelmed by waves of enemies getting too close to you.

Secondary Gun

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Lastly, the best secondary weapon with the Widowmaker is the Cube Gun, a unique weapon with an in-built weapon mod. Its weapon mod, Cube Shield, creates a shield around your character that will absorb any projectile damage for 15 seconds. This is an excellent addition to a sniper build, as it will protect you from dying, allowing you to readjust and return to sniping off foes.

To recap, here is everything you need for the best Widowmaker sniper build in Remnant 2:

  • Primary Gun: Widowmaker
  • Mutator: Slayer
  • Melee Weapon: Stonebreaker
  • Secondary Gun: Cube Gun

Best Nightfall Sniper Build in Remnant 2

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If you are looking for a sniper build that can get shots off quicker than the Widowmaker, you will want to choose the Nightfall Long Gun. Nightfall was considered overpowered when Remnant 2 came out, and it has recently been nerfed, but it’s still one of the best guns in the game.

This powerful Long Gun comes with an attached weapon mod that, when activated, will increase the fire rate by 25% and grant a 10% Lifesteal for healing. Nightfall is my favorite gun since the Dreadwalker weapon mod will allow you to gun down a wave of enemies far off in the distance without needing to reload.


Players can significantly improve a Nightfall sniper build by attaching a proper weapon mutator. I recommend choosing the Battery mutator, which increases ranged weak spot hit damage by 10% per stack (stack five times). Considering you will be shooting from great range most of the time with the Nightfall, this can increase your damage tenfold and make the Battery mutator a must.

Melee Weapon

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The Labyrinth Staff is the best melee weapon for the Nightfall sniper build due to the included passive ability. The Labyrinth Staff consists of an ability that generates 10% additional mod power with each strike upon an enemy. This alone will allow you to use the Dreadwalker weapon mod of Nightfall more often, increasing your overall damage output.

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Secondary Gun

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As for a secondary weapon, the Double Barrel Handgun is a solid choice as it deals incredible damage at the base level. It deals 110 damage by default, can kill enemies quickly, and has a decent reload speed that can get you out of a pickle.

To recap, here is everything you need for the best Nightfall sniper build in Remnant 2:

  • Primary Gun: Nightfall
  • Mutator: Battery
  • Melee Weapon: Labyrinth Staff
  • Secondary Gun: Double Barrel Handgun

Best Deceit Sniper Build in Remnant 2

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The Deceit is a solid Long Gun in Remnant 2 that can create a deadly sniper build. First, we have the weapon mod attached to it called Ouroboros, which summons deadly melee swords that surround the player for protection against enemies who come in close range. This will allow you to focus on sniping enemies far away while the swords take care of the others close to you.


The best mutator for a Deceit Sniper Build is the Deadly Calm mutator. Deadly Calm will increase ranged damage up to 10% for 3 seconds, as long as the player continues to aim down sights. This increase in damage can be enough to one-shot or two-shot enemies from across the map, especially if the Deceit gun is leveled up to higher levels.

Melee Weapon

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Regarding a melee weapon, you’ll want to pair Deceit with the Dreamcatcher. This unique melee weapon includes the Dreamwave mod, which applies Slow to all enemies in the area and increases the amount of damage you inflict. Having all the enemies slow down makes it significantly easier to defeat all of them with the Deceit.

Secondary Gun

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As for a secondary gun, I recommend selecting the Cube Gun, which is similar to the earlier Widowmaker build. As previously stated, the Cube Gun will create a shield that can help you in a pinch and increase your chances of survival when battles get too challenging.

To recap, here is everything you need for the best Deceit sniper build in Remnant 2:

  • Primary Gun: Deceit
  • Mutator: Deadly Calm
  • Melee Weapon: Dreamcatcher
  • Secondary Gun: Cube Gun

Best Amulet for a Sniper Build in Remnant 2

The absolute best amulet for all the Sniper builds mentioned in this guide is the Core Booster. The Core Booster will increase weak spot damage by a whopping 50% for 10 seconds after killing an enemy. This is a great way to help claim one-shot kills and increase overall damage output.

Best Rings for a Sniper Build in Remnant 2

Rings that work well with a sniper build in Remnant 2 help increase damage or health. Here are the three best rings for a sniper build and what they do.

  • Burden of the Divine: Incoming damage is reduced by 10 percent, and 50 percent of all healing (including Health Regen) is applied to allies.
  • Burden of the Departed: Reduces Total Relic Charges by 33 percent. Increases all damage dealt by 10 percent.
  • Sapphire Dreamstone: Critical Hits reduce Skill Cooldowns by 3%.

Best Traits for a Sniper Build in Remnant 2

Choosing traits is really up to the player, and there is no wrong way to go about it. That said, there are three that are recommended and can help significantly in damage output and survivability. I recommend choosing the Vigor, Barskin, and Swiftness traits for a sniper build. Vigor increases health, Barskin reduces damage, and Swiftness improves movement speed.

- This article was updated on January 2nd, 2024

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