Best Wordle Alternatives: Free Browser Games Better Than the Original

The best alternatives to the popular word-guessing game.

by Elliott Gatica


Wordle really blew up at the beginning of 2022, plaguing a lot of our Twitter timelines with a lot of green and yellow squares. Many of us at first liked to join in on the harmless fun of guessing the daily 5-letter word. It’s a fun game too, and quite addicting. However, we can only guess one word a day, which isn’t a lot to satiate our brains. Here, we’ll go over some of the best alternative Wordle games to give us more to occupy our downtime throughout the day.

Best Wordle Alternative

To add a bit more context to some of these alternatives, some of these games are not a one-to-one replica of the popular word guessing game. Instead, they maintain the rules where you have to blindly guess something within their parameters and they’ll tell you if what you chose has elements that consist of what’s in the correct solution of the day.



This game is similar to Wordle in that you have to enter a word and you’ll be judged based on letter placements. The green, yellow, and grey box mechanic still remains, but sometimes the word grid will have you guessing a word that has more or less than five letters. And to spice things up (no pun intended), you’ll have to put words in that exist in this game’s “Dicktionary”.

Yes, that’s right. As the name and some of its terminology imply, Lewdle is the game about “rude” words. This is more for the dirty-minded, the people who are exceptionally knowledgable in profanities and other obscene words used in the English language. Most words, even the examples, are all words used in erotic contexts.



Perhaps you’re more of a numbers person and can understand complex equations and find the variables in equations with the bare minimum. No worries, math nerds! Nerdle is what Wordle is, but with simple arithmetic. Put in a random equation with the simple four functions of math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and deduct what the equation of the day is!

As someone who is adept at mathematics, I’d say your algebra skills have to be quite well to pick this up. It requires a lot of mental math if you’re not looking to use a pen and paper to solve these equations…



As funny as it is to make Fortnite memes and parodies since the game is practically larger than life, Fortle is a solid Wordle alternative. There are so many things you can make references to and chances are, that’s in Fortnite. A majority of the mainstream tv shows and movies we watch will eventually make it to the battle royale title.

Of course, your knowledge of the game has to be on point. Their original characters and terminology can be one of the solutions. In the past, the character, Slone, the antagonist from an earlier season, was an answer for one of the past “Fortle”s. If you’re a Fortnite geek, try it out.


This is the music version of Wordle, but for music junkies. Your knowledge of music has to be extremely broad because the twist here is that you have to guess the song of the day based on a small snippet. When you guess wrong or use a skip, you can hear a bit more of the song, allowing for you to have it easier the closer you are to losing.



For all the basketball fans out there, Poeltl is a Wordle-inspired game where you have eight tries to guess the daily NBA player. The game’s name is a word play off of the San Antonio Spurs player Jakob Pöltl. In this game, as you guess the player, the game will tell you if you got any sort of match like if a player has played for the team at some point, their position, division, height, age, and player number.

For people who know their NBA players quite well, but need just a bit more help, you are given their silhouette as your hint.


This is like an advanced version of Wordle. The layout is familiar, but the letters are already laid out. In this game, you have to use what’s already on the board and unscramble the preset letters to create words horizontally and vertically. Think of this like a crossword puzzle and scrabble.

To add some challenge, you only have a certain number of moves before your attempt is over. Use the clues of the preconstructed letters around to help you out!



If you are a Pokemon fan, you can test your knowledge of over 900 different Pokemon in this game. Like many Wordle games, you have to throw in your first guess. If you aren’t the best in Pokemon spelling, the game has you covered! Here, your guess on the Pokemon will be judged based on the generation the Pokemon first debuted in, its first and possibly second type, height, and weight.

You have 8 tries per play. Unlike other games, you can set your own parameters based on the generations. If you stopped playing after the Nintendo DS era, around the fourth and fifth generations, you can set it so that the game only gives you a pool between those only. You can also play as long as you want, though there is a Daily feature.

Wordle Unlimited

For those who just want the classic Wordle experience, Wordle Unlimited is the best alternative out there. It maintains the same rules and parameters as the New York Times’ version. It is important to note that with the recent takedowns of other Wordle clones out there, it’s only a matter of time until NYT decides to pull the cease and desist card on sites like these. Hopefully that isn’t the case, so fingers crossed.

All of these games mentioned can be played on their respective websites whether you are on PC or smartphone.

- This article was updated on April 19th, 2022

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