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Black Ops 4 How to Unlock Menendez in Blackout

Get the Locket and get surgical with the shotgun.

by William Schwartz


Raul Menendez is the main bad guy from Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and one of the most memorable characters in the series.  It’s only natural that Treyarch selected this character as one of the unlockable Black Ops icons that can be earned by completing character challenges.  Like the other character challenges in Blackout, the challenge that you need to do to get Menendez requires that you find a character specific item and complete a task.  However, finding the item for Menendez will take a little bit of luck.

The item that you need to get to do the Menendez character mission is the Locket.  This is only available through supply drops.  These are random drops that occur on the Blackout Map when a cargo plane flies overhead and then drops a package onto the battlefield.  To get the Locket, you’re going to want to try and collect these Supply Drops before other players as they may not only have the Locket in them but powerful weapons and gear as well.

How to get the Locket in Blackout


What you’re going to want to do to get Supply Drops in Blackout is listen to the in-game announcer.  He’ll announce when a Supply Drop is inbound.  You’ll then want to look to the sky for the cargo plane and try to get an eye on the crate that is falling to the ground with a parachute attached.  Once it hits the ground there will be red smoke coming from the Supply Drop, as seen in the image above.  You can try to run straight for these drops, but you’ll need to be careful that other players aren’t watching it or going for it as well.

The Locket for Menendez will not be in every Supply Drop, but you might get other character specific mission items in them as well.  Once you’ve got the Locket though, you’ll also need to perform another in-game challenge and that’s to get two kills with a shotgun.

Get the Locket from a Supply Drop and then get 2 Shotgun Kills

Getting two shotgun kills shouldn’t be that hard.  The shotgun is pretty common weapon in Blackout and can be found all over the place.  Your best for getting two shotgun kills is to stay in areas where you’re going to encounter enemies in close quarters.  Running at someone with a shotgun while there is distance between you will likely end up getting you killed as the shotguns in Blackout have a limited range.

Once you’ve gotten the kills you have essentially earned the Menendez character in Blackout once you die.  There is no finishing requirements so you can really try to play aggressive with the shotgun to try and get the kills required to unlock Menendez.

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