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How to Unlock All Characters in Call of Duty Blackout

by William Schwartz

Keep your eyes peeled for unique challenges in every match of Blackout.


Call of Duty’s new Blackout Battle Royale has a bunch of different unlockable characters in the game to customize the experience.  Though the game does not do a very good job of explaining how to unlock them.

There are characters from older Black Ops games like Resnov, Mason, and Mendez.  There are some default characters, like the Ranger, Frogman, Airborne, Seal, and Battle Hardened models.  There are characters from the Zombies mode, and there are all of the Specialist characters from multiplayer to unlock.

Each character is going to have unique challenges associated with them to unlock.  The first of which we’ve seen in the first day since Black Ops 4 has released.  Not all characters have a clear unlock path, while some do.

Here are the characters that are currently unlockable and how to unlock them.

The best way to find the items required to start these missions is in supply drops, but they can be found in other places all across the map in any given match.  

Blackout Characters

  • Ranger – Reach Level 20
  • Frogman – Reach Level 40
  • Airborne – Reach Level 60
  • Seal – Reach Level 80
  • Battle Hardened – Reach Level 80

Zombies Characters

How to Unlock Hudson

Hudson – Reach Tier 200 in First Strike

How to Unlock Dempsey

Dempsey can be unlocked through completing a zombies challenge and picking up a specific item.  This item will be found by killing zombies.

  • Find the Death Machine
  • Place in Top 10

How to Unlock Richtofen

Richtofen will be found by completing a zombies challenge on the map.  Collect the Ray Gun and place in the top 5

  • Collect Ray Gun
  • Make it Top 5

How to Unlock Nikolai

Nikolai will be unlocked by completing zombies challenge in Blackout and killing zombies which can be found at the areas with the blue light.

  • Find the Cymbal Monkey Bomb
  • Make it the Top 10

How to Unlock Takeo

Takeo will be unlocked once you’ve found the Katana after killing zombies.

  • Find the Katana
  • Make it the top 10

Shadow Man – Comes with Black Ops Pass

How to Unlock Scarlett

Scarlett’s unique items that must be found are racing goggles and a scarf.  Her objective is to kill an enemy with a vehicle.

  • Find the Racing Goggles and Scarf.  Finish the match with it your inventory
  • Kill an enemy with a vehicle

How to Unlock Bruno

  • Find the Mug Shot
  • Down an enemy with a melee attack

How to Unlock Shaw

  • Find the Alchemal Set and finish the match with it in your inventory
  • Kill 2 Enemies with Acid Bomb or Wraith Fire

How to Unlock Diego

  • Find the Magazine and finish with it in your inventory
  • Kill or Down 1 Enemy With Headshot (if solo), 2 with headshots (if duos), 3 with headshots (if playing Squads).

Specialist Characters

Specialist characters are unlocked by completing different character missions during a Blackout match.  This usually requires that players perform a task during a match, collect an item, and then keep that item with them through the duration of the match while placing towards the top of the leaderboard.

How to Unlock Prophet

  • Find the Ocular Prosthetic in Supply Drops and finish with it in your inventory
  • Have 3 perks active at the same time
  • Win the match while the 3 perks are active

How to Unlock Ruin

  • Find the Punching Mitts.  These can be found at Construction Site on big crane, on Asylum Roof, or on top of the Lighthouse.
  • Kill enemy while in Close Quarters

How to Unlock Recon

Recon can be unlocked by completing a mission and collecting the Ching Coin.  The mission stipulations are the following:

  • Avoid collapse damage
  • Place in Top 30 (Solo)/Top 15 (Duos)/Top 7 (Quads)
  • Finish the Match with 1 Ching Coin in Inventory

How to Unlock Torque

Torque can be unlocked in Blackout by completing the Note from Torque Challenge Mission.  The mission stipulations are the following:

  • Deploy 2 Razor Wires
  • Deploy a Barricade
  • Place in Top 15, Top 7 (Duos), Top 5 (Quads)
  • Finish the Match with the Note from Torque in your inventory

How to Unlock Ajax

Ajax can be unlocked by completing the Broken Armor Plating Challenge.

  • Find three broken armor plates
  • Complete the match

How to Unlock Battery

Battery can be unlocked by finding her launcher

  • Find the War Machine and Finish Match With it in Inventory
  • Get 2 kills with the War Machine

How to Unlock Crash

Crash can be unlocked completing the Poker Chip challenge

  • Finish in the top 15 (if Solo), Top 8 (if Duos), Top 3 (if Quads)
  • Finish the match with 15 healing items
  • Finish match with Poker Chip in your inventory

How to Unlock Firebreak

Firebreak can be unlocked by completing the Burned Doll mission

  • Confirm Kill or Clean Up a downed player with fire
  • Finish Match with Burned Doll in inventory

How to Unlock Seraph

Seraph can be unlocked by completing the Annihilator Mission

  • Find the Annihilator at the Firing Range
  • Get 1 Kill with Annihilator
  • Place Top 15 (Solos)

How to Unlock Nomad

  • Find Juneau’s Tags  in Supply Caches
  • Kill 3 Players With Specialist Skins

Special Characters

There are also some characters from the Black Ops franchise with Woods, Reznov, Menendez, and Mason.  Each of these characters can be unlocked by completing specific objectives found below.

How to Unlock Woods

Woods can be unlocked by completing “Wood’s Bandana” Mission

  • Get into a helicopter
  • Win the match
  • Have bandana in your inventory

How to Unlock Menendez

Menendez can be unlocked by completing the Locket Mission

  • Kill and enemy with a shotgun
  • Kill an enemy with a melee attack
  • Finish the match with the Locket in your inventory

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