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Black Ops 4 How to Unlock Richtofen in Blackout

Make a sacrifice to get the Blood Vial.

by William Schwartz


The Zombies characters are just as big a part of Black Ops as any other so it would only be appropriate that they can be unlocked in Blackout.  This guide will explain what you need to do to unlock Richtofen in Blackout by completing his challenge at the Asylum.  There are a couple of ways that you can go about unlocking Richtofen in Blackout, but we’re going to stick to the easiest way possible.  In this Blackout character unlock you’re going to need to collect a Blood Vial and then survive until the end of the match and place in the Top 5 in Solos.

How to Get Takeo’s Letter to the Emperor


The Blood Vial is a multi-step quest in Blackout where you’ll need to sacrifice an item to the Blood Fountain in the Asylum.  There are a couple of ways to go about doing this, but by far the easiest is to drop into the Asylum grab Takeo’s Letter to the Emperor and then take it to the Blood Fountain to get the Blood Vial.  Since you’ll have other players also trying to do this, you’ll want to better your chances by dropping in as close to the letter as possible so you can quickly take it to the Blood Fountain and get the vial so you can concentrate on the second part of the quest.

How to Get the Blood Vial


Takeo’s Letter is located upstairs in the Asylum on the west side of the building.  To get the letter you will need to interact with a typewriter that is on a desk in this room.  Parachuting into the second floor will help you get there more quickly, and you can use a quick escape method by hopping out the window behind the desk if other players are nearby.  Once you’ve got the letter head to the middle of the Asylum to sacrifice it for the Blood Vial.

Of course you can go in guns blazing hoping to come out with the Blood Vial, but you can also play this one a little bit more sneakily.  If there’s a lot of fighting at the Asylum it’s likely because players are fighting over Takeo’s letter.  Try and loot weapons while this fighting is going on and then stake out the fountain.  When the “victor” heads to the fountain to sacrifice the letter, shoot them and take the Blood Vial with less effort.

Once you’ve got the Blood Vial it’s all about Surviving

Now that you have the Blood Vial there are no further requirements for you to fulfill other than staying alive.  You’ll need to make it to the Top 5 in Solos, Top 3 in Duos, or Top 2 in Squads for Richtofen to Unlock as a playable character in Blackout.

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