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Black Ops 4 How to Unlock Nikolai in Blackout

Grab a bomb and blow open that tomb.

by William Schwartz


Nikolai is another one of the original Zombies characters that you can unlock in Blackout by completing a character challenge.  Like the many other challenges in Blackout, Nikolai can be unlocked by finding a special item and then placing at certain rank when the game ends.  The finishing requirements for Nikolai are somewhat lenient in that you only need to place in the Top 10.  However, getting his special item, the Russian Tanker Hat, can be a bit of pain.  This guide will explain how to unlock Nikolai in Blackout and the easiest way to get the Russian Tanker Hat.  Making it to the Top 10, you’re own your own.

How to Get The Russian Tanker Hat in Blackout


The Russian Tanker Hat is located in the locked Crypt in the Cemetery close to the Asylum.  You’re going to have avoid other players, the Blightfather, and find a monkey bomb to get in the tomb.  Others players will likely be dropping here so your best bet is to either try and do this quickly and get out, or let the other players fight among themselves until you can fight one of them one on one.  We unlocked Nikolai by doing the former and waiting behind the Tomb for someone else to open it.  Whichever way you choose, you’re more than likely going to be in for a fight because if there aren’t other players in the area you’ll still have to contest with enemies.

If you’re going to go the direct approach you’re going to want to land in or near the cemetery and look for a Monkey Bomb quickly.  Head over the tomb with the closed door and then throw the Monkey Bomb at the door.  Once you do, the door will open and inside will be Nikolai’s hat.

Find the Hat and Place in the Top 10

Once you’ve got the Russian Tanker Hat, your only other objective is to place in the Top 10.  Your first bet should probably be to find some weapons, armor, and health as the cemetery may not have had enough or you could be low from the fighting.  Regardless, we just hid in bushes and kept moving towards the circle as it collapsed.  If playing more passively isn’t your style, you can always play normally, but if you die you’re going to need to get the Russian Tanker Hat again if you want to Unlock Nikolai in Blackout.

- This article was updated on:November 29th, 2018

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