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Black Ops 4 How to Unlock Crash in Blackout

Find the Poker Chips and grab as much healing as possible.

by William Schwartz


Crash is one of the ten different Specialist characters that you can unlock in Blackout.  While he’s a support character in multiplayer, unlocking the Crash skin in Blackout is purely cosmetic.  However, the way to unlock in Crash in Blackout is similar to other characters in the game.  You’ll need to find his character specific mission item and then complete a couple of different challenges to unlock Crash.  The item you’re going to be looking for is the Poker Chips item.  You’ll also need to collect 15 healing items and have them in your inventory when you complete the match.  In this guide we’ll explain how to find the Poker Chip item and unlock Crash in Blackout.

How to find the Poker Chips in Blackout


The Poker Chips are a unique item in Blackout as they are only going to be found in medical stashes in the game.  These stashes are tucked away in different areas of the Blackout map.  You can find them anywhere and the spawn seems to be random.  What you can do is keep an eye out for a stash box like the one shown above.  The red color signifies a medical stash in the game, and there’s a good chance that if you come across one you will also find the Poker Chips.  We’ve found the Poker Chips in various locations so it’s best to just play normally and when you come across one maybe switch your play style and objectives to try and unlock Crash.

Get the Poker Chips, Collect 15 Healing Items, and Finish in the Top 15


The next part of the challenge requires that you collect 15 healing items.  This can be the smaller bandage items, med-kits, or trauma kits.  So long as you collect 15 of these items and then finish with at least that many in your inventory you will unlock Crash so long as you are also in the Top 15.

The last part of this challenge is staying alive until you are in the Top 15 for Solos (7 in Duos & 3 in Squads).  Our advice, stick to the outer parts of the circle and try to find cover at all times.  Bushes or buildings are a good spot to try and wait until everyone kills each other until you are in the Top 15.   Once you’ve gotten to the Top-15 just make sure you don’t use your healing items if it will put you below the required 15 items as you won’t unlock Crash for your efforts.

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