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Black Ops 4 How to Unlock Ruin in Blackout

Grab the punching mitts and then get up close and personal.

by William Schwartz


Ruin is one of the more popular Specialist characters in Black Ops 4 and you can unlock him for use in the Blackout Battle Royale Mode as well.  Like other Blackout characters, to unlock Ruin you’re going to need to find his unique item and then perform an in-game challenge.  Ruin’s unique unlock item are the Punching Mitts and they can be found in numerous locations across the map.  Once you’ve got the Punching Mitts you’re going to need to also make a close quarters kill on one enemy in the match to unlock Ruin.  This guide will explain how to unlock Ruin in Blackout and where you need to look for the Punching Mitts.

Where to find the Punching Mitts in Blackout


There are four different locations that the Punching Mitts can spawn.  They can spawn on the taller red crane at the Construction Site.  They can spawn on the top ledge of the Lighthouse.  They can spawn on the yellow catwalks at the Turbine warhouses.  And they can spawn on the roof at Asylum.  Getting this items is fairly straight forward but you might need to do some fancy flying when you jump out of the helicopters to find them. Once you’ve scooped up the Punching Mitts you’re going to need to make a close quarters kill.  This can be any type of kill when you up close with an enemy.  You can use guns, melee items, or your fists to get this close quarters kill to register.

To make sure that you’ve gotten the credit for the close quarters kill, make sure you check your inventory screen and look for the green check mark on the challenge item.  If you’ve made the close quarters kill while having the Punching Mitts in your inventory you will have unlocked Ruin regardless of what place you finish the match in.

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